The ineptness and shocking stupidity of the Barack Obama regime, the democrats, and they RINOs, in bringing this country to absolute economic collapse, is beyond belief. After six years of a hell aweful economy, which really is a hell aweful economy since 2000 when the dot com bust happened (only some sectors recovered – namely finance and real estate, the real main street economy never did), and by the shadowstats corrected GDP data only one quarter in 2005 have we had a positive GDP statement, What we are facing here is a thirty year long Obama depression of staggering proportions.

In the great depression, a few down years, and a few up years. Overall growth was not bad at all really. It’s only the huge 1929 drop off and the resulting panic that made it seem to have such a severe effect. The great depression averaged over 4% growth a year, the official lie stats show what we are currently in unable to eek out 2% growth. The reality is it’s subzero. We have become ZIRP ZOMBIES (title of my forthcoming book), where the interest payments on the debt force interest rates to zero while still taking 25% of tax receipts to pay it and all capital expansion is pushed through pure waste government programs like foreign aid and the Wehrmacht. DOWN THE DRAIN. There is zero capital flows for business investment in the private sector, only capital for hedge funds, and commodity appreciation hedging, derivatives, and very broke major banks who even with a guaranteed 30 billion a year income on free money from the fed, plus free interest for re-parking it back (aka a totally free paycheck!) the banks are STILL BROKE! Or in such a convoluted state even they don’t know whats going on. And thats good because the FED just passed new rules that the BANKS get to write their own capital requirements logic rules – in other words, it’s all a joke.

Now I can’t get a tiny loan because of a parking ticket, meanwhile JP and Citi get 50 BIL even though they gambled through their previous 100 billion in customer money. Hmm what’s not right about this? Eventually the bad bets will collapse in a spider web of interlinks that will bring it all down. My bet is that’s 2016. By then the interest on the debt will start approaching FIFTY PERCENT of our tax revenue because Obama will have driven the debt to 20 TRILLION DOLLARS. And he will get out of the white house just before the big crash hits.

Compare that to this, year THIRTEEN and no job creation still. Obama decries a 100k number as great when he brought in more than 577,000 H-1B Indian fake degree horrors into America in 2012. By now, with 330 million, we need over 300,000 new jobs created every month JUST TO KEEP UP WITH IMMIGRATION. The sixty million illegals from mexico, pardon me Jeh, I mean “mixed families”, take most of the jobs that could normally be scraped up by struggling families, leaving the middle class with only one solution – a bullet between the eyes or a noose.

This chart explains it all pretty well. But don’t believe those positive GDP numbers, those are just the official manipulated ones.

One has to ask, how much longer can this charade of only 45% of Americans working go on.