Detroit is considering raising the parking ticket rates to $45 a ticket after a report indicated that they spend more processing parking tickets than they get from them.

One has to ask how it can possibly cost more than thirty dollars to process a parking ticket. But apparently there is a way. Fat paychecks, fat pensions, da gub mint finds a way.

Meanwhile broke Los Angeles just acquired a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo to run down crack dealers.

Parking tickets are one of the most criminal things that cities impose. It isn’t the fine for a meter expired. Cities like San diego were caught not once, but TWICE in municipal court cases of putting peoples check payments into a safe for 90 days so they could charge late fees and fees on unpaid late fees. Eventually they steal your car in violation of the constitution which states that NO property shall be taken except by a trial by jury. This can cost thousands of dollars. Or say you get into your car and start moving it while a ticket thug is writing a ticket. They just keep on writing it even if they cant put it on your car, and put it into the system. that’s just wrong. And if you don’t pay it, they destroy your credit rating even though a parking ticket has NOTHING to do with CREDIT.

In other places they don’t steal your car they just use the “boot” to disable it. Some people drive anyways trashing their car and don’t care.

When you visit the actual parking agencies or the place that has stolen your car, you will find thick bullet proof glass. If that doesn’t tell you it’s a tyranny nothing will. Do any of these cities with severe parking issues actually actively build parking garages. Almost never. One thing I will say about Los Angeles, at least many of their tall buildings have parking garages underneath them. But in cities like San Francisco, where a ticket costs 72 bucks just to start, municipal parking garages are almost nonexistent, or full. The city would need to build ten more huge ones just to begin to make a dent in demand. Why? because the cities are unconscious unplanned and incapable of keeping up with growth, even a pickled city like San Francisco whose population hasn’t grown in 20 years.