Crimea. A little 10% speck of the Ukraine. And suddenly warmongers Clinton and Kerry want to fan flames of outrage that Putin has annexed the territory where his naval base is.  I have one  word for them – Guantanamo. Isn’t that US territory? Because we have our base there. 

Putin should invite the rest of Ukraine to join him. Remind them that under his government you get full private property, a 13% income tax rate, and a lot of pretty girls in mink coats. Hey wait a second our deal as an American STINKS! Why can’t we join Russia. I’d take that deal anyday. the problem Russia has is crappy land that all frozen arctic.  China takes the warmer stuff south of it and Ukrain west of it. But now that Crimea is part of Russia, I say lets head over there. It’s got a basic moderate winter, beaches, great vodka, cute chics and handsome guys, strong christian churches, hey wait a second the CRIMEA is what America is SUPPOSED TO BE! Gosh Dang it, PUTIN just open the gates. Any American with a bachelors degree from a tier 1 university should be able to go and get residency.   


And while I hate to say it, let’s be honest. there’s no Hispanics and Blacks there to feed on welfare or to knockout game you as you leave the pub at 2am. 


Putin just has to do a couple of things. PUTIIN are you listening? (probably not. but he’d be the greatest leader in russian history if he did this)


1) Affirm the rights for private property and limit property tax to never more than 0.5 %

2) Affirm the rights of free speech and a free press

3) Affirm the rights of the people to peacefully demonstrate

4) Affirm the rights of the people to a trial by jury and no more “dissapearing” citizens by the KGB which would be expressly outlawed. Any agents who did such things would be charged. Affirm the right of habeus corpus when charged

5) Expressly condemn torture. period. 

6) Establish a “societal minimum” which guarantees food and shelter at a basic level to all people. You’d be far ahead of the US which throws its white males into the streets. 

7) Establish fast track residency for exceptional and brilliant foreigners with bachelors degrees. Especially those who wish to populate the Crimea. 

8) Establish entrepreneural funds with oversight   committees to award $200-500,000  dollars equivilent to people who wish to be self employed and try to start a company. Set up city wide meeting centers where people can present and exchange ideas

Poof. Russia now blows america away.  And with an influx of highly motivated creative brilliant WHITE foreigners Russia will enter a new Renaissance while America falls into black and hispanic Decay.  

Look at that beautiful place! I’d go there! The Crimea should be a special economic zone, like China has ShenZen, Hong Kong, and Macau. Easy to set up companies owned by new arrivals with minimal oversight as long as they are in non polluting industries.

It started with Crimea. Keep going Herr Putin keep going I tell you. You are smart enough to know the big picture and where the future can take your country if you let it.  You have the advantage of being fully armed no one can really push you around. 

And next, with these precepts in place, Russia should extend re-unification to Georgia. By vote. Because those southern warmer lands are gold that Russia will need to attract the best and brightest.  Develop the beaches into fine resorts. With cheap modern housing nearby and research centers. Build up and preserve old classic towns and architecture. People are ready to flee America mr Putin. We are tired of the canceling of the contract that the people made with the government which we called the constitution and the bill of rights. They want us to keep paying taxes, yet they have reneged on the contract. You just would have to take a few steps to make your country a healthy host.  Bright happy people invent amazing things. You can’t even imagine what’s possible.