Ahhh Yulia, the recently freed Prime Minister of the Ukraine. Let’s see how she stacks up to America’s leading female fatal – Hillary Clinton

Yulia: Is a Babe!
Hillary: Sleeps with Babes

Yulia: Spent 3 years in Prison
Hillary: should spend 30 years in prison

Yulia: A femme fatal
Hillary: Fatal to those she doesn’t like

Yulia: Leader of the Orange revolution
Hillary: Took Care of Bill’s Banana until Monica showed up

Yulia: Read about in all the papers
Hillary: Thrown out of Watergate for unethical papers

Yulia: Sent to prison by the Duma
Hillary: Sent to Libya by oDumbya

Yulia: Known for her tight Braids
Hillary: Known to be an uptight lay

Yulia: Last name sounds like that dude who was poisoned
Hillary: Claims Vince Foster was a good friend

Yulia: Appreciates the art of Kandinsky
Hillary: Career was upended by Lewinsky

Yulia: The face of the new Ukraine
Hillary: Face gives Bill a Migraine

Yulia: A natural blonde
Hillary: Looks like that actress on golden pond