It’s a regular day at the Christian food pantry. They have worked hard getting donations and volunteers and organizing the food and then twice a week they open their doors to the needy. Doris, an elderly lady in her seventies, hasn’t been able to afford groceries with her high utility bills this month so she is there to get enough food to sustain her. But when she leaves, the amount of food she has received is not so much. Just a few cans of beans and corn, a few potatos and carrots, and a loaf of bread. Doris looks angrily as hispanic after hispanic often single men with shiney new pickup trucks who work cutting lawns or in construction under the table, wheel out shopping carts of food.

“How many people in your hours?” asks the volunteer.

“Siete” says Manuel. He has been coached to give this number. some are told six some are told seven. The christian organization will not turn away illegal aliens and asks for no proof. Manuel, who is single and has no children, piles bag after bag of free food into his truck. Something that the morality of such a move would just seem shocking, it isn’t immoral to Manuel.

“Todo en esta pais es libre (everything in this country is free) porque no tengo todo que puedo? (why not get everything I can)” says a shifty eyed Manuel.

And that’s just the problem, it’s a collision in morality and values and the American citizens are on the losing end. How much more food would there be for starving Doris, who is TRULY hungry, had their center not been descended upon these vultures.

Blacks who already receive free housing and huge disability checks are another group to abuse the pantries, preferring to spend their cash on Bling and chromed car rims, they hit the food pantries if their incomes are low enough. One trick they use is to only report the income of one person in their household, which qualifies them for poverty level assistance, the reality is they have twice as much as each of them gets a big fat disability check. What’s their disability? They are classified as “learning disabled” or average IQ for a black person – about 85.

Doris looks at the few carrots and this time she got three potatoes. “Three I got Three!” she screams out and smiles. “Last time I only got one! It’s hard to make it a month on one potato!”

How long do we let this go on. They’ve ransacked our healthcare system and now even our destitute support systems are destroyed. Like a plague of locusts, where they descend there is little left. All because the democrats want to usher in a new age of fascism and with the hispanics legally and illegally voting in elections from the county to federal level they know they can do it.

It’s a double whammy. Destroying a nation with a fascist government, while at the same time driving up medical costs and starving our most needy. And this is the policy Obama supports happily, as article after article shows illegals that are caught are simply let go even if they don’t request amnesty.

A nation without borders is not a nation. Our country will be dead within a decade if this continues. And one worries if Doris wont survive that long.