Mexican Illegals Descend On Obamacare Picnic at Mexican Consulates. It’s a picnic It’s a party, it’s a mexican consulate Obamacare fraud party and it’s happening at mexican consulates around the nation.

Like a get the vote out (where illegals are signed up to vote in presidental elections illegally) this event also has a do gooder public face – help those poor Mehicanos fill out the forms for Obamacare. But once the doors close a more real conversation takes place.

“How much income can I report and still get Obamacare for free?”

“Will they arrest me for being here illegally if I sign up?”

“Can I get this as a non-citizen”

And the answer is overwhelmingly “SI! SE PUEDE” yes you can. Because Obama himself has given guarantees that noone will be penalized or hunted down for applying while an illegal alien, the illegal aliens are stepping up for their free health care.


Wait a second. Wasn’t this the You Lie state of the union speech controversy where Obama promised that illegals could not get

Obamacare? Well apparently Obama lies a lot.

In order to game the system, they will have to actually report their income. And suddenly they are running into problems. The unregistered marriage of the 45 year old lawn mowing service operator to the 15 year old Quincerana and the vows they took were never registered in the county office. So now mr daddie of seven is actually classified

As a single worker and his 20,000 a year cash business doesn’t qualify for Obamacare. If he reports no income he’ll simply get funneled to medicare which he can’t get as a non citizen (in some states).

This is where the Mexican consulates come in. They help tell Mr. Lawn Mower exactly how much income to report so that he neither has to pay taxes YET still qualifies for nearly free health insurance. It’s a complex calculation. And this is what the Mexicans are running to their consulates for help with.

“Whether they’re Mexican nationals or whether they’re United States citizens or whether they’re in transition– and if they’re there it is our responsibility within all of America to educate on the Affordable Care Act,” Enroll America Field Organizer Jose Medrano said on Wednesday. In transition – the new name for illegals waiting for amnesty.

Disgusting. The Mexicans are whooping it up holding massive parties and celebration days giving out free food and drink while helping people game our system. The women and children have long been covered

under the WIC and other programs, they already get totally free health care. It’s papa who comes up as a single ranchero that’s struggling. But now with Obamacare or OMexicanCare he too get’s it all free while Americans fall into the gutter. Again one has to ask, who is funding these groups. It won’t take long to see the trail lead

back to the Democratic party. Illegal invaders and welfare blacks are their base, and a bunch of bleading heart liberals who are trying to feed and shelter the entire world. Sorry my dear, it won’t happen, there are a billion blacks in Africa and that number will double in the next twenty years. and Mehico has no end to it’s ability to

generate 100 million mestizos a year to come across our borders. Our population would quickly hit ten billion starving people if the Democratic policies were fully enacted. But rules by ruthless Marxist dictators that’s the gravy, the big pig plum that the Democrats dream of, total slavery and total control.

Hispanic groups like National Alliance for Hispanic Health report that in a survey “Most (72%) uninsured Hispanics report price will be the determining factor in whether or not they sign up for a plan.” If it’s nearly free, then they will go for it. Once again, that critical

income number jumps out. They will be told to get their income as close to $15,000 as possible, so they can’t qualify for medicare but get Obamacare for nearly free. In some states the number is even lower, it’s a complex equation and the consulates are handing out the

answers based on their own testing of the system. American’s who work mostly for corporations do not have the ability to fake and change their incomes so easily. For the illegals everything, for the citizens slavery.

A nation without borders is not a nation. And a nation that hands out all it’s social goodies to invaders has little left for it’s own desperate and down and out flock. Obamacare is one more step designed to break the middle class and pay out to illegals, invaders, and blacks, yet because of political correctness few dare speak the reality of what the democratic party has become publically – a marxist cabal determined to hand everything over to economic parasites while the middle class withers and dies.