More Mexican family values came out this week as police and border patrol raided another drop house in Phoenix. Among the dozens of people freed were many who said they were held against their will. The coyotes were shaking down their families for another thousand dollars but the poor familiy had already given the coyotes everything they had just to get across the border. So they stay in the drop house often packed with 100 or more illegal aliens and rot until finally the coyotes get tired of them. At that point they might get released or killed.

But another sinister picture emerged at drop house after drop house, pamphlets and leaflets from christian church charities on food banks in the area. With no money to feed their hundred heads of illegal alien horde, the mexicans go to the christian food banks and pretend to be simple families in need. The food meant for people in the communities, are instead being wiped clean to feed smugglers and illegal aliens.

“They often show up in groups of three or four and all drive big pickup trucks” said Matilda Johnson of four corners food pantry. “After a while we noticed that they always come as single men and claim to have very big families, seven, eight, even nine people. But what can we do we just give them the food”

After four or five of these thugs hit a food pantry, the pantries shelves are literally wiped bare, and a sad stream of old ladies and the down and out get minimal offerings – a few carrots and potatoes and onions makes do as fresh vegetables for the month.

This outrageous behaviour is hard to stop in a society founded on generosity and helping the hungry and in need is such a big problem today. But one after another 50 even 80% of a food pantries business is slowly being diverted to feed coyotes and drop houses and feed the illegal invasion of millions across our border. What started with a hope to do good is now destroying our nation.

What can be done? Well for starters insisting on real identification and social security numbers (which are then e-verified) for all people who get aid would be a step in the right direction and easy to do. But the churches, faced with empty pews after the child molestation scandals, are welcoming the mexican invaders as possible new recruits to fill the gaps. Instead they are getting taken for a ride.