All races can be evaluated among the following traits:


reproduction rate

tendency to violence

IQ and IQ spread

% of genius level people (IQ 160 and above)

But every race has some good traits and some bad. Blacks have for many years produced some of the most brilliant jazz compositions. Jews have been great writers. Hispanics seem to produce beautiful art and painting, Italians and French are the cooks to the world, the Germans are masters of efficiency and precision whether its camera lenses or governments. While debates on IQ drag on, the more telling attribute is tendency towards VIOLENCE and much of the argument for race separation is based on the fact that there are dramatically different profiles (and thereby genes) for violence as distributed among the races. The countries without violent genes are open late, happy, peaceful. The countries with violent genes shutter and tend to be isolated. It is this which is the caucasian argument for a homeland or a place in the USA for mono-racial existence. It is a quest for that JOYOUS life not a hatred of the other races. On the contrary the argument is always let them do whatever they want – IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES just leave us a country as well. So far, the worlds answer seems to be no white country will be spared. And that’s wrong. There needs to be a white homeland just as much as there needed to be one for Jews or Africans. The handing over of South Africa was a major event, a chance to prove to the world that blacks could self rule. But they took a highly productive society and for the most part have taken it back to the stone age. No one knew that would happen when we protested against apartheid. You could argue that blacks had never been given a chance with a highly developed country where the reigns of power were turned over. Ethiopa was always an undeveloped backwater. What we seem to have learned since then is that there are strong genetics and race involved with the level of society and the type that is attained. What is wrong with segregated races and some countries which have mixed races. Shouldn’t there be a choice? Why is there a choice for everyone but caucasians?

Let’s look at how some races fare:

IQ: Mildly above average IQ with narrow distribution (106 mean. Note: Germans in similar IQ testing have scored as high as 110 mean so this number is not extraordinary and the American mean may be inaccurate as many hispanics are classified as white. Average American scores from states which are predominately caucasian show exactly the same score so the notion of jewish exceptionalism in IQ is unfounded. Ashkenazi jews perform similar nearly identical to the caucasian group and it bears out that hascidic jews of middle eastern origen with more mixed bloodlines score lower)
Violence: Moderate to Low
Reproduction: Moderate
% Genius: .01 %
Excel In: More memorization or research skills that require intelligence but not creativity – Medicine, Law, Economics
Speech: Expressive and not sterile. Moderately organized. Comedic genius.
Mentality: suffers from woe is me victimhood mentality. does not blend in with general society

Whites –
IQ: Above average IQ with broad distribution – more dummies more geniuses
Violence: Average. Like bees typically restful until provoked. High impulse control.
Reproduction: Moderate but goes to Very Low in High Stress environments and nations. Will not reproduce without economic means to support children.
% Genius: .05 % Highest of all peoples, 5 out of ten thousand.
Technological “home runs” are more common given the greater number of geniuses around. Nobel laureates are abundant, especially from the United States. Productivity can potentially be very fast. However, the broad IQ distribution means more care is needed for those on the lower end of the spectrum.
Excel In: New Ideas, Invention, Pushing the Frontiers of Technology and Understanding. Aerospace, Nuclear, Personal Producivity Inventions, Microprocessor revolution, Software.
Speech: Dynamic and Most expressive. Massive range. Well organized but not sterile.
Mentality: Gregarious and Altruistic to a fault, will let their countries and lands get invaded and overrun and still try and feed and clothe the invaders.
Forms mixed societies with many in the success level and many in the poverty struggling level due to the wide expression of intelligence in this group. Overall the group will make the majority of human advances and breakthroughs, more than any other ethnic group.

Desi/Indian, Brahman class:
Overall the 10% Negroid genome in them still overpowers and destroys much of the innate levels that they could reach if they were pure blooded Caucasians.
IQ: 90, with narrow distribution. Few einsteins in this group
Violence: Above average. Also above average lack of morality and higher principles. Jungle attitude. Crime and grift but mostly in white collar or non violent expression.
Reproduction: near black level. Very very high. Will reproduce irregardless of economics.
% Genius: .00001 very rare
This race is most adept in copying and performing boring lower level tasks. For example in software, performing Quality Assurance rather than envisioning architecture.
Speech: Mentally disorganized and often this will be apparent in disorganized speech patterns as well.
Mentality: given to anger. Combative. negroid elements arise often. Forms third world destructive societies with endless graft and corruption.

Asians –
IQ: Above average IQ with narrow distribution – This group hits more singles and fewer “home runs” given the lower number of geniuses. Nobel laureates are uncommon, but have become more frequent in recent years, especially from Japan and US-born Asians. Productivity is apparent, but slower.
Violence: High impulse control. Very low violence. The narrow distribution also implies fewer people on the lower end of the spectrum, resulting in highly stable societies.
Reproduction: Low but will in almost all cases for family units and have some children.
% Genius: .02 % Many many at near genius level who compensate with extreme work ethic. Second genius rate only to caucasians.
Speech: Beautiful speech, poetic, clear, logical and expressive. Missing the number of descriptive words one would find in english.
Mentality: Strong sense of ethics and community. Forms strong stable societies. Forms technological advanced societies with strong respect for women and tradition. Excels at production and efficiency.

Hispanics –
IQ: Below average IQ with narrow distribution
Violence: Highly violent
Reproduction: very high to highest. Begin reproducing at age 15 or less and often have five or six children
% Genius: non existent. Upper class whiter class can reach 120 iq levels and serve as doctors and engineers.
Speech: rampant and unceasing tending not to be coherent and more reactive. very expressive.
Mentality & Society: Technological societies are possible, but difficult to maintain. Geniuses are rare. Nobel laureates are rare. Productivity is slow with possibly long periods of stagnancy. However, the biggest detriment to the group is lower impulse control and generally more violent behavior. The most dangerous parts of the Western hemisphere are in Latin America. Rare great writers emerge especially poets aka Neruda.

IQ: Below average IQ with broad distribution
Violence: Off the chart violent. Most of any race. Zero impulse control and situations escalate rapidly. societies erupt into endless civil war.
Reproduction: Off the carts producing large families regardless of economic ability to care for children.
% Genius: More than hispanic but very rare still.
Speech: Low and simplistic, low number of words used. Few descriptive variances. African peoples often are missing all words for ethical actions and shades of gray, or time planning.
Mentality & Society:
Technological innovation is almost nonexistent, and the maintenance of an advanced society is difficult if not impossible. Africa is the only failed continent for this reason. Productivity is very slow. Given the broad distribution, this group does produce some talented individuals, but in fields not deemed intellectually rigorous. Low impulse control. Most tribal in nature. Rampant violence. Hybrid half caucasians do better but are not immune to having low IQ offspring and should not be seen as exemplars of their race. African native blacks who emigrate although low IQ and Violent often express stronger language skills and social skills and can be quite pleasant to work with as they are eager and hard working. These tend to be the higher achieving blacks.