Ahh Mr. Aronofsky you just couldn’t leave christian (or should I say Judaic!) values alone. You had to mangle the Noah story beyond repair and make it some anti human eco fest.

No Mr. Aronofsky dark angels didn’t descent to help Noah build the ark, he did it on his own. That’s where the faith part comes in. You see, he was all one with a message from God to do the impossible. And so he did.

It’s also a message about unbelievers like YOURSELF I presume, who laugh and cackle at Noah like your movie makes a mockery of him.

Noah stood true and proud, saved his family and many creatures from a flood. As we dig around we find indeed there is much evidence of a large flood as actually having happened in history we do not know if it was due to the 26,000 precessional slingshot through the galaxy or if it was local or global.

Noah reminds us that faith is powerful and righteous. You remind us that hollywood smarmies with dopie scarves and ugly eyeglasses will just never get it.