My 3.50 sonic double bacon cheeseburger. Went up to four dollars last year. Today I went to get one and it was 5.25. Jesus that’s 30 percent inflation. No problem there’s Burger kings new angry whopper, which a meal with fries and a coke will set you back $7.50.

Eat as many hamburgers as you can this summer because soon the price will Double. The droughts along with our regular 10% inflation will keep pushing hamburger prices up as much as 50% this year or even 100% next year.

What happened to 39 cent hamburgers and 49 cent cheeseburgers (that was a major macdonalds ad campaign in the 80s)

Soon we will be telling our kids about this thing that was called the dollar menu now its the value menue and the price is two dollars!

Keep printing a trillion bucks a year Ms Yell in, I’m eat in all the burgers I can this year.

Its the middle class getting squeezed. And well. Maybe we have become the new hamburger. Soylent green is people its people I tell ya!

With fukushima killing all the fish maybe that movie wasn’t science fiction.