Writer Donald Collins finally gets it and its a good sign the tide is turning we don’t need to be importing 577,428 Indians with fake degrees each year to throw our best and brightest into the gutter (thats the number of H-1B LCAs that were issued in 2012 alone).

The reason the graduate programs are filled with foreigners isn’t anything to do with the quality of american engineers, its because Americans ARE BROKE we didn’t get free university education or low cost like they do in India or europe. We can’t AFFORD to continue on and with the job market so bad a higher degree is worthless. It only enables foreigners who are seeking citizenship and H-1Bs.


Whoa, I think perhaps my friend largely mistakes my position. I am not anti-immigrant, but make constant reference with dismay on the import of endless less educated unnecessary additions. Quantity not quality has been USA’s feckless immigration journey since 1965.

Yes, many great immigrants who have profoundly added to our wealth and well-being have historically come here.

But of course as they did, it exacerbated the brain drain on nations that need their best and brightest.

My advice to these bright alien graduates would be GO HOME, YOUNG ALIEN PEOPLE AND GROW WITH YOUR COUNTRY, to para-phase Horace Greeley, who in 1850 as founding editor of the New York Tribune used ”Go West, young man” in an editorial. Lucky some like Mark Twain did and went West and avoided conscription into the Civil War!

Yes, many great aliens have come here, but look at the post 1965 invasion! Not all are those successful Silicon Valley alien mavens, brain surgeons or Carnegie Mellon grads!

In fact, more are not…….

And as one manufacturing veteran recently told me, some 80% of our manufacturing is now performed overseas. So billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg would like the USA to swallow a whole river of water to get a few chunks of gold. So many, many of those foreign grads are already home competing, although at wages far below what they can get here. No wonder they want to stay. And we know, there is no shortage of US engineering grads.