It looks like the moon. the video looks just like the landing of Apollo on the moon. But it’s really paper mache and a lot of fancy lighting. A camera dolly track flies in between so they can get fluid motion.

In another building at Area 51, a whole building has been built to hide from the world craters that were filmed for the actual landings. This was where the close up scenes were filmed and the moon buggy. The building is vast holding many acres. All of it never to be seen by humans ever again. The building is so huge that the far wall cresting the hill is never seen and appears simply “black”. Every astronomer knows that the stars give away angles which can indicate position AND time. It was critical that not even fake stars were used.


While they argue that the giant craters created from nuclear blasts were too radioactive to be used in 1969 for a film, many believe that instead it simply gave the film makers an idea for a technique to create a cratered landscape that was more realistic than anything done by artists and supplanted TNT for similar effect. And it’s these smaller craters which are guarded under the large off limits vault.

Here we can see how much the nevada site resembles the moon.


Another shed nearby holds “moon rock” or some of the props used in the landing. All have labels, numbers and letters on their back sides. Unfortunately in one of the official pictures a prop rock was facing the wrong way and it’s prop number was visible. Oops.

While NASA claims the C doesn’t appear on the original negative we haven’t seen any pictures of the negative itself.

In “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon” film footage that was accidently left on a reel shows the astronauts when they were supposed to be halfway to the moon in low earth orbit. They place a cutout on the window to form a rising earth shape and film this. I believe that this is the source of the famouse earth in the EARTHRISE photo released in 1968. But the earth in the earthrise photo has a problem. It only shows one land mass on one tiny part of it. This is impossible, the earth has land masses all around it. Only the doctored photo from AFTHOTWTTM would show in incorrect picture of the continents. It may well be indeed that the Van Allen belts are too strong to pass through. Later many of the photos were “corrected” and repainted digitally. The only signs of the hoax have to come from these famous originally released pictures. When nasa re-issues the C rock with no C they are in their plan of digital cleanup. The original earthrise picture is telling. There are no discernable continents. The earth is skewed 28 degrees to the ecliptic, it would have been easy to get that rotation wrong. Not showing any continents on earthrise solves the same problem not showing any stars in the sky solves. But there is one last problem with the famous earthrise shot. Size. They made the earth the same size as the Moon appears from earth. But this is incorrect. The earth is three times as big as the moon. A true EarthRise would have been a gigantic object in the sky.

With earthrise, we finally know the real reason for the critical orbit mission of Apollo 7 and AFTHOTWTTM. This one shot, this one picture, probably specifically requested by Kubrik, would give the Apollo moon landing legitimacy above all others. And it’s the one COLOR image which graced the covers of all the magazines. Undeniable proof that we were that that we had landed on the moon. Except, it’s not.


50 years later the japanese kagaya moon probe shows us what the EarthRise really looks like. There’s no reason for the earth to be “in phase” as the moon never rotates around the earth it always faces the same sun. So in the sunny sea of tranquility, the earth should have been all aglow.

earthrise for real finally captured