Curious that Clinton was able to waltz into Austin and promote civil rights yet is immune from the serious questions of his presidency. How about if someone had asked him…


1) Mr. President, why was Janet Reno never castigated for Waco where we have the footage of them announcing that it was safe for women and children to come out yet when they did the government mowed them down with machine guns killing them? Was this done with your direct approval?


2) Similarly in Oklahoma city many little children lost their lives. Yet all the videos were taken and placed under national security and all the investigating local police were told their families would be killed if they kept asking questions.  Do you think Eric Holder should be our current Attorney General in light of the fact that he covered up the murder of little children at Oklahoma city?


3) You signed a bill to abolish Glass Steagal resulting in casino gambling by the banks and the financial crisis of 2008.  Why didn’t you realize at the time the danger of letting banks gamble with money created out of thin air?


4) When you signed NAFTA and GATT you were warned that there would be a giant sucking sound as jobs and manufacturing left America.  Do you now finally realize how these bills have destroyed the middle class and the mobility that you yourself were priveledge to as a boy from Hope?