The economic catastrophe is tripled by the government pretending it doesn’t exist. No programs have been set up to help the middle class even unemployment which in America can be as little as 10% of a middle class salary (most european countries pay 80% or 100%!) has been cut back. Because we’re in a recovery right. RIGHT?

The starvation is hidden but starting to overflow. Long lines at food pantries which have little stock to give to hungry people, tent cities, and homeless living on the streets.

Or are we truly in an inflationary depression. It may not be as radical as wiemar Germany but as prices climb ten even fifteen percent a year and salaries DECLINE year after year eventually the bottom falls out and the same result is achieved.

Obama is a madman. He is an absolute lunatik. He is racing this country over niagara falls and cheering and screaming trying to rev the engine faster as he does it. The damage Obama has done to America will take a hundred years to recover.

So I ask again. Will we simply starve and die in the streets as paupers or does anyone have the guts to do something? The anger is brewing. Politicians promises are not placating the pissed off masses who have been double dipped with Obamacare.

Yes the non-creators the government smoothies in nice suits, the medical class, the lawyering and prison people, they all think it’s boom times. $700,000 a year to be a cardiologist, $400,000 a year to be an anesthesiologist. Top teachers at UCSD were paid over $700,000 last year.

But the scientists and engineers… HOOOOO NO! you have to live in the gutter and die penniless. Trashed and thrown away by a merciless government that’s Gates and Zukerberg powered and insists on granting 577,428 LCA’s for Indians with fake degrees and fake resumes to take all the jobs.

But wait, let’s allow an invasion of sixty million hispanics and al-quaeda to utterly wipe out the voting block of the middle class. Why does Clinton get so pissed that Texas has a voter ID act? Cause he wants those sixty million voting for him. Wait it’s only 11 million? Oh HELL NO!

No don’t stop there. Let’s actually PAY al-quaeda, put them on salaries of 100,000 a year or more while Americans starve in the streets. Yes those same f-ers who blew up the world trade according to the government (don’t you believe it) are now reaping six figure salaries.

What about handing a million bucks to every black person who claimed to be a farmer? And more for every hispanic who claimed to farm? Yep they did it! Even to farmers who supposedly were farming DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN. They still got their million bucks. Everytime I see a black in an excalade I just scream out “another farmer”

America as a nation simply can no longer exist. Whether you believe that a common ethnic nation must be chopped off or if you believe in a melting pot, this country is too big to govern and like the soviet union must be chopped up again. Mexifornia, White NorthWest, The North East Failures, and the Black south centered on Georgia Missippi and Alabama. Oh I’m sure there are a lot of southerners who will say over their dead body on that one. But once they become a 80% black ethno-block the welfare payments and taxes will drive them out quietly.

Here’s what should happen. All taxes for those making less than 100,000 a year are REPEALED until this uncertainty is OVER. Glass Steagall reimposed on Banks. A special commision to arrest bankers and jail or execute them will be set up. A ten year moratorium on foreclosure until the mess can be sorted out. Billions to set up soup kitchens and transitional housing for the homeless and struggling. No not just for black people with five kids, white people need to get help too. And finally, a new political party – the America First party – needs to be established and funded by billionaires with the goal of 1/3 representation in congress and senate. We may not be able to change the republicans or democrats but we can still be a voting block opposed.

For those who pin their hopes on a Rand Paul presidency think again. Remember what they did with Ron Pauls official signed notarized nomination papers at the convention. That’s right they threw them on the floor and laughed. Wanna go through that again?

The republicans are King George III, everything evil we founded this country against, and the democrats are Mao Tse Dung. In the end, America will be destroyed if either stays in power.

““adjustments” were made to practically every Indian band or tribe that signed a treaty in good faith with Washington – only to find themselves reduced to destitution when Washington withheld promised annuities and rations, and then evicted from their lands when it suited Leviathan’s interests. The high and holy purpose of Manifest Destiny nullified the property rights of Indians and any treaty obligations that would inhibit Washington’s drive for continental expansion.”

The middle class signed a treaty called the constitution. And now we are the new Indians.