Harry Reid had a deal with the Chinese to build a solar plant in Nevada. Reid would make out like a bandit while enslaving Americans to the Chinese for electricity. They pushed through legislation imposing grazing fees on the ranchers then bought their grazing rights as they went broke. When ranchers appealed to the crooked courts, it was just one easy phone call and the ranchers were denied justice. It was a brilliant screw job but there was a problem. One rancher wouldn’t give up.

You can almost imagine the phone call from Reid to the director of the BLM as swat troops were amassed to rustle 300 cattle and begin a campaign of breaking up water lines and cisterns so the cattle would die.

But then a strange thing happened. Americans and one rancher named Cliven Bundy said enough. And after exhausting very possible avenue including appealing to the wimp governer a cry went out. And people came.

Mothers and brothers held hands as they stood at the edge. A rag tag militia appeared armed with weapons no match for the hundred snipers and militarized M4s of the small army. And facing death, they walked across the line and took back the cattle.

We will shoot and kill you! The voice squakers bellowed. But the people had had enough. After the government threw old ladies to the ground and bashed their teeth in, after the government shot a fifteen year old boy in the back for being on the property, there was blood in the marchers eyes… blood would be spilled but it wouldn’t be just theirs

One second from the new Lexington the feds backed down and didn’t fire. And then … scampered a hasty retreat.