As we watch the Ukraine descend into chaos the book of Revelations comes home hard. As we sit on the brink of armageddon something occurred to me. “Behold a Pale Rider” kept echoing in my head. And who WHO is this pale rider. It’s none other than Brarckbakbak Obama. The palest black man on the planet. If you had a vision and tried to describe Obama three thousand years ago what would stand out what would you say? He’d be a Pale Rider.

A fighter jet sinks a ship. A salvo fires against land based forces. A return salvo sinks all the ships. A return salvo fires tactical nukes against the land masses and destroys them, and a final salvo unleashes the burning of the planet. It can all happen within an hour while we sleep.

Many say Obama could not be so insane to do it YET here we have a constitutional lawer, an INSTRUCTOR in constitutional law as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, and this man has done nothing but destroy the constitution.

Worse, we have a man with no identity no background no papers as the leader of this nation. Who is he? (see the Secret of Barak Obama) Actually we know who he is and that’s even more frightening than not knowing.

Well, now we may face the same test of character that Kennedy faced with Cuba.

“By their FRUITS shall ye Know them”

The Right to Murder citizens without a trial.

The Right to Imprison citizens without trial.

The Right to Spy on citizens without trial.

“By their FRUITS shall ye Know them”

Why is Obama destroying christians around the world and arming the savages against them? Why did he stand by after church after church in Iraq was destroyed? Why does he pay al-quaeda to behead christians in Syria? Aren’t these the same al-quaeda that destroyed the world trade center? He goes to church but IS HE A CHRISTIAN MAN?

“By their FRUITS shall ye Know them”

I have a different vision of Bari, that he is out to destroy the middle class, herd the white man into camps, and use his 2 billion bullets against them. He is the JEWS REVENGE. Never before has a muslim extremist goaded onto war by the Jews had their finger on the nuclear button. Be afraid be very very afraid (and read “Barak Obamas Secret on this web site – see the link at the top of the page)

Both Joel Skowlson and Lyndon Larouche see Obama as a terror bringing on nuclear armageddon. That sounds crazy until you realize Obama believes in critical race theory which is the belief that that whole system is so racist it can only be reformed BY BEING UTTERLY DESTROYED. So he is doing that. 100 Billion for fake black farmers. 100 Billion for fake Hispanic farmers. Unemployment money for starving white workers? Try ten percent of salary for six months. that’s all you get whitey.

Is the system so corrupt at all levels that no honest congressmen can call for impeachment over fast and furious? The murder in Benghazi? The IRS Scandal? They lying under oath? They are all jellyfish?

For a modern day Saudi in his early 20s growing a beard and acting nutso is the same as a American going to college for eight years and trying to start their own company, except that the Saudi is more likely to get handed gobs of money. Being a radical is like a startup company. They get a few buddies together and now they are an insurgent army. Pick a company name and setup a company web site. Al-Nusra. Al Shabazz. Al Malik. Al Bari Shabazz. And suddenly the money starts flowing in from a guy who, coincidentally, is named Bari malik shabazz! It’s that simple.

And how much do they get paid? The pay is Amazing, 100, 200 even 500,000 dollars a year. That’s in Arabia where you can get a nice meal for a dollar or two.

At the same time that CHINA is buying up American ports and roads and energy plants, and destroying opportunities for Americans, Obama is taking the borrowed Chinese money and making millionaires out of middle eastern scrubs.

In the end it’s greedy CEOs who majored in NOTHING in grad school just like the education frauds majored in NOTHING in grad school and college. because they are nothings. Sick sociopaths who see workers as “labor” aka sheep to be run on a treadmill. When one gets old and collapses, leave it outside the pen for wolves to get. It’s these empty vessels who move production to china rather than fight. It’s these sick empty vessels who move in Indians with fake degrees because they are an even more docile breed of sheep than americans.

when I watch rick steves and he shows life in germany, sweden, netherlands, copenhagen you just can’t get over how beautiful and clean their cities are and how happy the people are. The sick corrupt horror of our lands now is visible in every corner even in once beautiful california. Our streets stink of pee and car exhaust not nice cheese and salami.

The entire American government is illegitamate. The elections were a fraud (see the ron paul articles) the ballots were moved and counted in secret, the whole thing is a farce. They still have the guns and the bullets but when you reach the point where you are soo beat up broke and exhausted that you no longer fear dying, then THEN what will the government do. Their plan is to herd us like starving sheep onto boxcars. After Bundy, that’s not likely the way Americans will go down. Instead they seek to break us economically to the core. And that plan is working.

America is the new Ukraine being starved by the bolsheviks and millions are already dying.

Oh theres a knock on the door. Men with rifles and a big truck. Time to get on the truck sheep. The Pale Rider has ordered it so. His Muslim ring that says Allah is God makes him up to the task. Don’t worry, the pens are bright and cheerful. Now just a few more incursions in the Ukraine and he can throw the button. New Zealand will be livable within six months they say. Beautiful acres of land purged of all humans except for the chosen ones. A few million deformed and dying masses will come for the food and be used as slaves. The Bushes have settled on Paraguay. Their armies will emerge as new kings, not with democracy, but raw slavery on offer. They will have the only working nuclear reactors designed to power electricity for free for hundreds of years. How do you think a nuclear submarine works. Naw they couldn’t have given it to regular folk, that would have made their lives too easy. first order of business, inspect the sheep pens. Are the new workers digging in the mud building the walls around the kingdom. Who cares if the walls are a hundred feet high and a million miles long, it will keep them busy for the rest of their lives. Buckets of mud. One after another. Another team of more skilled workers is busy on the new castle. Sure the fancy residences and 30,000 square feet houses will tide them over for a few years, but it’s no castle. Do the guards have the pain sticks at the ready? Oh good. NOW DIG!