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I was looking over those nifty sinclair credit card knives that are so trendy right now. And lusting for one. But then I had to make a fire. And split wood. And very quickly came to realize that for much of what you are doing to survive a little flimsy credit card knife aint worth shit.

What you need is an AX and this zombie hunter model is just the ticket. Light. durable. and in a fight lookerout!

Hit a wolverine with the spiked end and his brains will splatter. Use the ax side to split up your wood for a warm night.

And when ESSE pulls out his tactical six inch folder in the dark alley, surprise him by hoisting your tactical ax. ESSE will run the F out of there fast. Cause every ESSE knows you are bat shit crazy to be carrying an ax around. They’ve seen the horror movies, they know the code. Get yours from the link below…

It slices it dices… Hooo Boy!