You’re bleeding. It looks bad. You pick up the phone to call an ambulance. Worse someone else already has.

STOP! WAIT. THINK for a second. Is it worth being destitute for life, losing your retirement, all to get a simple injury repaired? Is there another option? How about going to a walkin clinic instead.

That Emergency room is designed to shake down people with insurance, and much of their 900 dollar cotton balls are there to make you broke. Even WITH insurance many items wont be covered. And then you still have to pay a deductible. A routine trip for a snake bite might set you back $300,000.

It gets worse, you literally are asked to sign over your sovereignty and decision making ability. Once you pass into their system they own you. And they might declare a procedure “In your best interests”. Very quickly the tubing and catheters and stuff to lock you in place set in. You are immobilized. Trapped.

There is a better way. The new walkin clinic can handle a lot more than you might think. Yes if you are having a heart attack, have had a major gun fight, head to the emergency room. But if it will manage for a few hours, think again about the walk in clinic. If they can’t handle it, they will get you to the emergency room.

It might take a bit longer, but you wont have that $800,000 bill to pay for the 4300 mestizos who preceeded you who didn’t have money.