America is a dying dinosaur, a lesson to be learned of what happens when socialism and third world immigration runs amok. America is ground zero for the lesson of the failure of multi-culturalism and the huge cost in terms of progress it places on society.

Take energy. Clinton gave our fast breeder nuclear energy technology to India for free in exchange for 4 million indians with fake degrees to take away our software engineer’s jobs. The Indians didn’t even want our technology they threw it away. Instead, they are building Integral Fast Reactors (IFRs). America had a test IFR which ran for 20 years without incident until Clinton bowing to big OIL interests closed it down. Make no mistake, America is RUN BY OIL.

Let’s discuss a current American nuclear reactor. It requires highly refined uranium which is rare and expensive. It produces 100 tonnes of highly radioactive waste per year that will require 100,000 years of containment. An IFR uses… you guessed it… nuclear waste. The billion of tons of crap we have no idea what to do with. We have so much nuclear waste at this point that it’s overflowing – enough to power the nation with IFRs for 200 years. The IFR reactor produces just ONE TON of waste which requires just 300 YEARS of containment. So a facility large enough for 300 Tonnes of waste – a large room – will service an entire reactor FOR ALL TIME. How large of a room does that 1950s reactor need for it’s 100 tonnes of waste for 10,000 years? A MILLION TONNES of waste? Thats a MOUNTAIN! The waste the IFR produces is fully fissioned so it is mostly innert due to the high energy reaction.

So is IFR just pie in the sky science fiction? Well America’s own test reactor ran for decades. Guess which countries are building IFR reactors like bandits and guess which country hasn’t built a new nuclear reactor in 30 years? Russia, China, India, and Japan all have running IFR reactors today. America’s reactors are prone to melt down (Fukushima was an American 1950s designed reactor) and ancient. and crumbling.

It is generally recognized that long term development of nuclear power as a part of the world’s future energy mix will require fast reactor technology with closed fuel cycle. The fast neutron spectrum allows fast reactors to increase the energy yield from natural uranium by a factor of sixty to seventy compared to thermal reactors, granting therefore realization of nuclear power programmes for thousands of years, as well as a significant improvement of nuclear waste management. It is for these reasons that fast reactors have been under development for decades in several countries, primarily as breeders and, in recent years, also as High-Level Waste burners.

The necessary condition for successful deployment in the near and mid-term is the understanding and assessment of technological and design options, based on both past knowledge and experience, as well as on scientific and technological research efforts.

With regard to the first, the design and operation of several sodium-cooled fast reactors, such as the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) in USA (now shut down), the small size Prototype Fast Reactor in the United Kingdom, the prototype Phénix in France, the BN-350 in Kazakhstan, the demonstration plant BN-600 in Russia, Monju in Japan, the commercial size Superphénix in France, etc. have provided an operational experience base of about 400 reactor-years. In addition, there is a considerable base of experience with lead-bismuth (eutectic) cooled propulsion (submarine) reactors operated in Russia.

The Russian sodium-cooled fast reactor BN-600
russian ifr reactor

Examples of current sodium-cooled fast reactors are the China Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR), which has been connected to the grid in July 2011, the Russian BN-800 and the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) in India, both under construction. The smaller Russian sodium-cooled fast reactor BN-600 has been in operation since 1980.

The Japanese IFR Reactor currently in operation

Why is America LOSING the energy arms race while plowing TRILLIONS into raising up uneducatable blacks and minorities and more TRILLIONS into war systems like 11 aircraft carriers and the cross strike fighter? In the end, ENERGY is the GAME. Watch Atlas Shrugged if you don’t believe that our dependence on OIL can break the country. Still we do nothing. Like NASA, our energy agencies are designed to focus on promoting “research” so that they continue to run through ever bigger grants and budgets accomplishing nothing. Sure we can look to the private sector, but with so many EPA regulations in the way of building a new reactor, America is doomed.

China’s IFR Reactor now in operation

The key critical advance of the IFR reactors is that they throw away the nuclear control rod design which has been plagued with constant failure. The control rods always fail under high heat due to warping and are unable to achieve containment. Every winning new design does away with this. The Toshiba 4s design slated for Alaska uses Neutron reflector shielding made of graphite rather than control rods.
These reactors have self stabilizing properties based on physics – meltdown is impossible. That is the key design advance. Something Fukushima was too late for.

The German pebble bed reactor design encased uranium in shells to prevent run away but this was an inefficient design. The new IFR designs typically use a plug approach (thorium salt reactor designs use the same) such that if a too high heat is ever reached a plug MUST melt due to the laws of physics and the molten material drains into cooling beds.

Even better than these designs is the SAR (Spider Armed Reactor) or SATR (Spider Armed Thorium Reactor) which uses a plutonium “Plug” only to start the reaction and from that point forward a national network of thorium reactors can be set up without uranium. It uses a petal design with a central plug around cambered armed spider legs forming a twelve or twenty sided shell. There is a special linkage which is designed to break due to overheating past normal levels. When this happens, the cambered arms simply fall away from each other by the force of gravity into isolated cooling pools and the reaction slows as the neutron flux is dissipated by physical distance and can no longer be maintained. The huge error of all of America’s current operating nuclear power plants is that in the event of a disaster ALL of the material stays where it is fissioning away. They rely completely on a external coolant and flimsy breaking control rods for control. In Fukushima the control rods all jammed and ended up melted on the floor. The other advantage of the SATR reactor is that it uses a low fuel methodology. Rather than loading up the chamber with enough fuel to burn white hot for six months to a year, each cambered arm is provided with just a few days of fuels. Once it burns out, it is lowered to a safety area and simply reloaded again with a small amount of fuel. The fuel around the entire circular dodecanol chamber is replaced in turn in an ongoing rotation. The small fuel approach has the huge advantage that run away situations like a hot fire made of kindling burns hot but burns out fast. Today’s reactor use the old log approach, hard to burn, hard to get started, but once going form white hot coals that never go out.

How much Thorium reserves does America have? We have 50,000 tonnes left over in just waste piles sitting idle just from our past nuclear programs. Enough to run America for fifty years if we only ran on Thorium! If we mined all the 400,000 tonnes of thorium it would be enough to run America for 400 years. Add the IFR reactors and use our depleted Uranium and we might reach 600 years. Do the oil companies want you to know this? No.

One issue that is very important psychologically is disconnecting the nuclear weapon industry which relies on highly refined uranium and plutonium from the American nuclear energy industry. Reactor designs based on Thorium and alternatively less enriched forms of Uranium can be initiated without a hot plug using a central needle of material which will supply neutrons to the neutron flux. In order to accomplish this a massive linear proton accelerator.can be used, striking the central needle material and inducing fission reactions in the surrounding medium that are self sustaining. The highest-energy injector of this kind is at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, Ill. The 150-metre- (500-foot-) long machine consists of five Alvarez-type tanks followed by a side-coupled-cavity linear accelerator that accelerates to a final energy of 400 MeV. This would be sufficient to ignite a Plug-Less Core Reactor (PLCR). However building such large accelerators is not cost efficient so testing and reaching a compromise with advanced materials to supply the neutron source at lower energy levels will be researched.

So why aren’t we leaping like mad with test reactors for all these technologies and instead throwing 500 million into Solyndra? Big Oil. Big Oil knows that Solar is a long time off as far as national competition. But even in Germany where long term price guarantees for energy production have been enacted pure solar energy farms – IN CLOUDY WINTERY GERMANY NOT SUNNY HOT ARIZONA AND TEXAS – are already turning a profit. These long term price guarantees allow solar farmers to get the loans they need to set up large installations. In America we have nothing like this. And try getting a grant to build a Thorium reactor for your home. good luck.

America will get its first next generation nuclear plant with the Galena plant, targeted for Alaska. It is being built by Toshiba in Japan. For America to produce its OWN design for a next generation plant we will have to wait until 2030 or beyond with the Generation IV Reactor international project – currently just a multi-national symposium. And we all know how likely these think tanks are to produce anything. Zero.

The liberals argue that bringing in third world hoardes and policies which reduce our native citizens birth like endless taxation and outrageous work hours and no rights for citizens while illegal aliens get 50,000 dollar tax rebates for not working with fake ITINs and Blacks and Hispanics get 50,000 checks for farming (vagina farming I guess is what they mean since they have never once in their lives lifted a rake but they do know about HOs) they argue that all this comes at no cost. IT has a cost – our nation is crumbling and the GLORY of our past from the 1950s and 1960s is now OBSOLETE. GOT IT?

Without even a test reactor in operation, our nuclear engineers don’t even have hands on experience how these things work anymore just like we can no longer build rockets that can reach the moon, these are all “lost white voodoo” from the time when the nation was prosperous. To our new citizens, these things are just magic.