It’s a hard life when you have to live in a toilet. Expecially one that doesn’t flush and is filled with poo. But Simon Jefferson did that every night as the workers left for home he climbed into the porta potty for shelter. It’s hard to imagine the tragic hopelessness that gripped him every night as he delt with the unending stench. But it gets worse. Because without heat, the one place he sought shelter would end up being his death box. This week he froze solid as extreme temperatures turned his tiny box into a freezer.

It happened in Michigan. They said he wasn’t a drug or alcohol abuser, just a regular joe down on his luck.

Is this the America I remember from my youth when the thought of anyone being homeless or hungry seemed absurd. But the government marxist policies of promoting out of wedlock births in exchange for benefits and housing has expanded the marginal population. And this effects everyone because all the social resources are then stretched to the limit.

“He had to stuff his nose with tissues soaked in vinegar in order to be able to survive in there otherwise the stench would be overpowering” said a friend.and every day that stench lingered on his clothes driving people away forcing him into a more lonely life. He tried to get help and housing but without babies was always sent to the end of the line. The Mexicans were always first in line with a dozen anchor babies.

We need an egalitarian welfare system where ALL citizens are treated as equal REGARDLESS of the number of children if any they have. Our war veterans should not be out shivering in the cold without health care while shiquanah and her twelve children are eating steak.

At a recent homeless dinner at a church I marveled at the poor desperate faces of the thrown away citizens. These were people who had worked hard all their lives then when older but not old they get thrown away and cant get work. Many of the kinds of jobs they could have gotten in construction as labor or odd jobs and restaurants are now all filled with illegals who paid in cash earn less than minimum wage. Why are the people who paid a million dollars in taxes getting nothing and those who paid nothing get everything?

How about a tiered system of support based on HOW MUCH YOU PAID IN. Four tiers. If you’ve paid nothing you get very modest help. If you’ve paid some but less than 100,000 in taxes, you get a bit more. If you’ve paid 101-500k in taxes you get regular support, and if you paid 500k+ in taxes you get gold support if you need it.

This makes sense. And no it isn’t “benefits for the rich” if you look at the homeless and struggling who many would qualify for the regular and gold level support you can see that it’s a lot of regular working folk who got hit by a disability or malady and have trouble working. Others had heartbreak and turned to alcohol.

Something is very wrong with our system when its filled with scabs and invaders and freeloaders living and dining well well the average joe dies in toilet. The recent story of a black couple where the mans wife was murdered revealed an interesting understory. They were living in a luxury townhome, had a car, lived well but never worked. Both were on “disability” yet seemed perfectly fine. They were “learning disabled” the faux term used to classify low IQ blacks politely. But really, they were just average blacks. What kind of country is this where most every black can just walk in and because our nation refuses to accept IQ differences, they all qualify as somehow disabled? And get a free ride? What about the million blacks who pretended to be farmers and got 100,000 bucks? and then the hispanics complained that they wanted their money too and they got a 100,000 bucks (but they had to had a friend swear out a statement that they were farmers. Something a honest american wouldn’t do but the hispanics would. The blacks didn’t have to give any proof at all resulting in thousands of millions of dollars going to farmers in New York City.

ENOUGH! This is madness. Why does the Octamom get disability coverage for children who have a lisp and her own bad back. How can children be “disabled” when they aren’t 18 and in the work force? Still they get checks. This whole system is a marxist utopia. And the american citizens get another boot to the teeth and just spit out the grime and go oh well I’m used to it. This is why America is the WORST nation on earth. Because it BETRAYS it’s own best citizens.

Flooding the nation with mexican invaders then paying for their child births, giving them free food with WIC and free cash, and free housing, all of this takes money away from people like Simon. Sane contries don’t have people living and dying in toilets. It’s time to take a stand to the Marxists who want to help everyone BUT Americans and say ENOUGH.