Some of the biggest talk radio announcers decry the Trotsky and Stalin takeover of the Russian people but fail to mention the Jewish connection. They draw parallels to what’s happening today in Ukraine but never mention the Jewish connection.

As much as you want to report on the bankers funding Trotskly and Stalin (changed names, their original names were jewish), and paying to send thousands to Moscow for the takeover, what isn’t mentioned is RACE. And that race is JEWISH. Communism is a JEWISH belief. And all of the Bolshevicks and their leadership were Jews.

The reason why this is important, is because the Bankers are also all Jewish (except for Chase and Morgan historically, but perhaps not in their corporate controllers today). This was the big coup. That the Jewish bankers merged with the rich industrialists who weren’t jewish to form the Federal Reserve Banking cabal.

I grew up jewish. I went to two saders a year. I can sing in Hebrew. My best friends were Jewish. I do not have a problem with Jewish people at a person level. They are great people. But the culture of persecution is evil and often false (often not false). And Communism is one of their fruits. And massive immigration is the other.

Now the Jewish Communist party we call Democrats. We need to know that. The Democratic party is the American Communist Party. Wake up people.

The Jewish Leadership in America often pushed for runaway immigration and the destruction of the white race because THEN they will be safer in non white dominated states. The problem is, whites have been the production engine of America. Now that we have gone from 90% caucasian to 50% caucasian, America is endlessly broke, crime is out of control, and violence against WHITES is off the charts with the Knockout Game and other thuggism.