I’m watching the PBS News Hour. McNeil/Leherer make an appearance.

they show many dead bodies in Africa. Then child slavery in Africa. Then Civil war in Africa.

A interlogue announces “My friends are white” photo show something. More white guilt fest nodoubt.

Then they cover the jobs report. they switch to a guy who helps people train for six months for a job. The people they show are mostly black inner city types. The guy who runs the company, then nails it with the utterance “or the people who have stopped looking for work”

McNeil makes a similar comment about the worry of those who have fallen off and stopped looking for work or been out of work so long.

The problem is… no one ever stops looking for work. They are basically calling struggling Americans BUMS. Outrageous. You’d have to be a major lowlife to “stop looking for work” yet this is the message in Urban Brain Control broadcast EVERY SINGLE TIME to explain the low workforce participation rate.

GROW UP MIND CONTROL MEDIA we don’t fall for your garbage anymore! People don’t stop looking for work when their unemployment runs out. They keep struggling and trying and trying. The fact that 35% of the unemployed is more than six months unemployed is insane. Our labor participation rate is lower than during the great depression. We are in a super depression. Anyone who thinks otherwise is insane.

What of the 200k+ jobes created? Is it more cooked books? Well remember with our HUGE number of immigrants, H-1B indians with fake degrees, legal and illegal immigrants, we need close to 300k new jobs a month just to break even. And we need 500k new jobs a month to begin putting the dispossessed back to work. And even at that rate, it will be years and years before people are rehired.

Clap for 200k new jobs? Hardly. where are the government programs to help the long term unemployed. Yah, they give grants to mr. retrainer for inner city blacks but where’s the real help for the struggling middle class. It isn’t there and the news refuses to cover it and they should be ASHAMED.