In the 1930s Hitler newly appointed Fuerer set about to unify his people. First he annexed Austria. Then set about to work on Danzig and Poland. Now in todays stuff all countries are set in stone world, this seems aggressive. But it is not. Italy and Germany were fractured countries and newly formed unifications. Many border regions like Alsace Lorraine were disputed and swapped back and forth many times. The principle that people should unify and form nations by race was the calling card of Hitler and all sane people. A proposition nation like America which is not unified by race has many many problems.

And now Putin takes up the sensical mantle to unify his people by supporting Crimea and eastern Ukranian states in their popular vote to be independent of the mass Ukrainian overthrow funded by most likely some really bad people.

But America, a failing conquered nation died with the Proposition of Lincoln, that the states do NOT have the right to break away from the nation when it no longer represents their interests. But this is really a horrific notion of taking rights away that were once granted. And for this we celebrate Lincoln when in truth we celebrate our enslavement. Lincoln was no hero.

It is the Fed banking regieme that is in power, not America.

Merkel if she were bright would not have stood with Obama threatening sanctions. She would have stood up and given a Hitlerean speach, that people deserve the right to control their government and have self determination. But that is not the EU, the EU is a bunch of slave hooks meant to drag a nation and destroy it by taking away its most fundamental right, the right to coin its own currency.

America lost this 100 years ago. And it has destroyed us. Now China is number one not the US. How can any sane person think we are on the right course when this is happening.

These principles that are being fought for in Ukraine are not far away places, they are things that matter to us as well.