The Alibaba IPO has hit and investors are piling in as it is one of the few vehicles for investing in China. Alibaba is a website where Chinese manufacturers list their products and take sales orders from the USA.

Investors are climbing on board and will give the company a megabillion dollar boost. But is it right?

Should we be investing in the displacement and destruction of America, rather than investing IN America?

America is in dire need of a new manufacturing base. And the new 3D printing revolution can be part of that. But moreso a new spirit of invention and inventors is taking hold.

But alas, Americans are broke, too poor and too devastated from being taxed to death to afford to be entrepreneurs.

We need to take a deep look at whats wrong with America and how to shift course and to remind our politicians that warmongering taxing and overspending like usual will get them the boot.

Until then, sure why not give a few billion to Alibaba to help destroy American manufacturing. Because unless the government implements major investment incentives and tariffs, we’re doomed.

Instead of giving two billion to Solyndra and 23,000 billion to the big bankers, what if we gave 25,000,000 hot and hungry companies a million dollars each to see how far they can get. then evaluate them and let the natural venture capital pools seed and fund them.