Two passenger ships each holding more than 900 chinese citizens departed Vietnam this week as China masses troops on the Vietnamese border.

China is smart. In some ways. They are picking targets America will not defend. Why would America go to the defense of a country that defeated us?

The truth is Vietnam while a communist country is making great strides with open capitalism, a perfect match to China’s economy. And they have the troops to easily take it over in their first flex of might as the number one economic power.

And next target? No not Taiwan, how about North Korea? Get those jokers out of there and put in a government that will get the country working again.

Then after a time, South Korea is the prize. Hopelessly encircled, even with American might, they may have to yield to a two front war from the Chinese.

The pressure on Laos and Malaysia and Thailand will start to become evident especially if China seizes Vietnam. Using the Mao doctrine they will simply starve the population out, then replace them with Chinese, similar to their Tibetan plan.

But one wonders, will China do it? They have a deep tradition of not striking first. The only nation they truly hate is Japan and the british and with good reason. Both countries inflicted huge losses on the nation, Britain in the opium conquest and eventual split up of China, and the Japanese with the rape of the nation in their WWII invasion. The Japanese defiled their most sacred treasures – even scraping the gold off statues in the forbidden city. The Chinese haven’t forgot.

Forget Vietnam. A blitz for Japan. Japan is now very weak. Fukushima and central bank slavery has broken the nation for twenty years.

America sends in carriers but the Chinese now own America, one misstep they will crash the dollar and just how many fighter planes can they build without asian parts? Today that answer is none.