Sixty Minutes had an article on a abusive police officer who claimed disablity for “stress” and got a two million dollar payout. Lump sum. Then, he got a job at homeland security overseeing los angeles airport for a million dollars a year. Clearly a very stressful position. So how does someone on disability for stress manage it?

No this isn’t the FEDERAL disability program which pays nothing, this is the GOVERNMENT disability program, typically state of california.

Now we see the double dip again this time by the FBI agent who shot the Tsarnev brothers fried in the back of the head killing him. Couldn’t have that witness live, oh no. turns out he’s a double dipper, who went on disability from the police and got 52,000 a year (not the 15,000 a year the federal disability pays SLAVES) and then goes on to pass the rigorous FBI physical exam and gets a 100k a year job. Toss in his 52k disability check at the same time and he’s doing quite well! Government Goon = piles of gold. Slaves = Starve and die. Yay amerika.


On May 14, 2014, the Boston Globe identified Aaron McFarlane, 41, as the agent who emptied half his ammunition clip into Todashev. It uncovered his name by “removing improperly created redactions” in PDF files from the Florida report.

Digging through public records, the newspaper discovered McFarlane had been accused of brutality—twice—while serving as an Oakland police officer in lawsuits that were settled out of court. (McFarlane and another officer were allegedly beating up someone who had already been subdued when they noticed a bystander photographing the incident. Then they attacked the bystander.)

He also took the Fifth Amendment and later testified under immunity during a corruption investigation into a rogue police unit called “The Riders” whose members were charged with making false arrests, planting evidence, and falsifying police reports. The city settled the federal lawsuit for $10.9 million. McFarlane wasn’t charged in that case, or in three other internal affairs investigations, although a prosecutor accused him of being misleading.

McFarlane retired from the Oakland Police Department in 2004 on medical disability after repeatedly injuring his leg and breaking his ankle, securing a lifetime $52,000-a-year pension. Four years later he joined the FBI, raising questions about how he passed both the rigorous background check and the FBI’s physical requirements.