We are a nation already in economic catastrophe and ruin.

They have gutted our out industry for their own personal gain.

They have granted amnesties and tiny fees for corrupt criminal bankers and hedge fund operators.

And behind it all shiny piece of filth Mitch McConnell.

And he just won his primary in Nevada. To this I have to say to Nevadans… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ARE YOU AS DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS?


Do they know NOTHING of what’s going on in government today? The most insane corrupt government facing scandal after scandal.

And what about Obamacare which has ruined the lives of so many?

What about REFUSING to prosecute a corrupt president?

What about the NDAA abolishing trials and justice for citizens?

What about voting fot the patriot act over and over?

They say they voted in ol Mitchey boy because of what he could do for Nevada. How about NOT voting him in for what he HAS DONE to this country.

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes and colorful tea party conservative Sharron Angle of Nevada could not be more different politically. But as Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell wages the toughest fight of his 30-year career, don’t be surprised if he pulls a page from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s 2010 playbook and gives Grimes the Angle-treatment, painting her as a radical while touting the value of his seniority.

Considering Grimes, a 35-year-old rising star in the Democratic Party, in the same breath as Angle, a deeply flawed Republican candidate whose party often laughed at her, may seem outlandish. But for the McConnell machine — once described by an ally as a political “woodchippper” — the basic framework for the general election contest that begins today in Kentucky has similar contours to Reid’s 2010 bid, both Democratic and GOP analysts suggest. The race will be a contrast between a powerful incumbent who can bring home money and projects and a challenger whose viewpoints at times put her outside the conservative state’s mainstream.

“The backstop in that Reid campaign—which I believe has to be the same backstop that McConnell has—is that he can deliver more for Nevada or Kentucky more than anyone else. Everything was framed in the caveat of what he can do for you as a Nevadan,” said one senior Democratic strategist familiar with Reid’s 2010 operation.

And if there’s any political operation outside of Reid’s ruthless enough to discredit an opponent as thoroughly, it’s McConnell’s. In Nevada, “the messages were, ‘The economy is in the tank but there’s nobody better to get you out of the tank’ [and] ‘Someone who can deliver versus someone who is coo-coo crazy,’” said the operative. “For Grimes, McConnell can try to say she’s part of a party that’s fringe. She’s part of her party that’s anti-coal.”

– Meredith Shiner, Yahoo News