It’s a simply truth, modern nuclear reactor design and principles haven’t changed since Enrico Fermi’s “big pile” approach. In fact Chernobyl was another big pile. This notion of gathering together massive amounts of nuclear material until it catches fire is deeply psychotic. Time and time we see the disaster fo water cooled systems and control rods.

What’s even more annoying is that there is a design which fundamentally shifts the danger away from hopes of water cooling (they are currently dumping 500 tons of radioactive seawater back into the sea every day at fukushima).

The Spider Arm reactor uses distance of nuclear fuel to control the rate of the reaction. It’s just that simple Fail safes only allow the material to be close together when there is power. Otherwise the arms move apart into sixteen smaller pieces and the nuclear reaction stops naturally. There is no water to split into hydrogen and cause explosions, there are no fuel rods to break and bend and fail. There is no pressure vessel to be eaten through as the molten material surpasses the temperature of steels melting point.

Still, Japan sits without knowing how to cleanup fukushima and also not having a reactor design to replace them with.