Bravo Rochester for being one of an elite few cities that cover trans-sexual care. And bravo for the radio station for sacking the two announcers who mocked trans sexing people. One called them “a nut job” and another said trans care was like providing free liposuction.

Uhm No It ISN’T

25% of Trans people (no not crossdressers I mean those who have a different brain gender from their body) will attempt suicide. Many will succeed. Countless others will be killed each year and overlooked by cops, that is if the cops don’t do the killing and raping.

Why should society protect and support trans sexing people? Why? Because it’s a frigging rough life for them that’s why. Are they nuts? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are at the bottom in our society and get mistreated, abused, worse than just about anyone.

And the transition path is no picnic either. Take a large sewing needle. Poke it deep into your face. Repeat 1,000 times. now do this three times a week. That’s what electrolysis is like for M2F transitioners. Don’t believe me? Visit a local electrolysis and tell them you are considering having your beard removed and you would like to start by removing 10 hairs from under your nose to see what it’s like. You won’t make it to the second hair.

Or we could consider the surgery to transition which is life threatening. Not many die these days but the more people are forced undergound to cheaper and shadier doctors the more deaths will occur.

Now full transition usually requires FFS or facial surgeries as well. Often several. And these are quite severe and deep bone surgeries that are very difficult to endure. And anytime you go under anesthesia there is always risk. Add it all up and the risks aren’t that far from putting a bullet in a six shooter and spinning the wheel.

And what about costs? The costs can run into several hundred thousands of dollars for a M2F and even more for F2Ms.

In some F2M surgeries the clitoral nerves are severed and re-attached. Will they ever feel the same? It’s throwing the dice.

The M2F surgeries have been done by the thousands and are now in a very advanced state by doctors such as Brassard, Meltzer, Suporn, Alter, and San Franciso’s Marci Bowers herself trans-sexed. and newcomer McGinn who is getting good results, also herself transsexed. The skill and precision which these doctors perform the surgeries is truly at a incredible level. Still, health insurance companies decline coverage calling it “experimental”

I ask you this. Why should we have to pay for Obamacare coverage whe it does NOT cover trans care? While that may not personally effect you imagine the anger and frustration of paying for a 1000 a month policy yet still having to pay for all your medical bills out of pocket. HRUMPH some insurance. And what about those that already HAD to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, should they have to pay for Obamacare coverage? How about they just send you a letter that reads “I’ll pay you for your insurance when you pay for my bills”

Making fun of people who face such huge hurdles in life is akin to kicking a disabled child in the teeth and laughing. Its wrong dead wrong and I hope these scum – Kimberly Ray and Barry Beck never work in radio again.