The shame of Colin Powell. This man more than any other except the Neocons Cheny and Bush, is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans and millions of Iraqis. Why? Because the night before his speech, his critical talk before the United Nations where he was to present the evidence provided by “ScrewBall” of anthrax production and mobile 18 wheeler biological laboratories, and his seminole moment of holding up a vial of “anthrax” right there in front of everyone(was it real? doubtful).

Former CIA Director George J. Tenet and his chief deputy, John E. McLaughlin, furiously denied that they had been told not to trust Curveball, an Iraqi refugee in Germany who ultimately was proved a fraud.

But the CIA’s former operations chief and one of his top lieutenants insisted in interviews that debates had raged inside the CIA about Curveball’s credibility, even as then-Secretary of State Colin L. Powell vouched for the defector’s claims in a crucial address to the United Nations Security Council on the eve of war.

“The fact is there was yelling and screaming about this guy,” said James L. Pavitt, deputy director of operations and head of the clandestine service until he retired last summer.

“My people were saying: ‘We think he’s a stinker,’ ” Pavitt said. But CIA bioweapons analysts, he said, “were saying: ‘We still think he’s worthwhile.’ ” Pavitt said he didn’t convey his own doubts to Tenet because he didn’t know until after the March 2003 invasion of Iraq that Curveball was “of such import” in prewar CIA assessments provided to the president, Congress and the public. – LA Times

And if he truly believed all that and gave the speech, well then he’s just a soldier. But many accounts say that the night before he was restless saying “This is Bullshit” or something similar and being frustrated with the evidence was was NOT multi source corroborated which is the standard. So Colin Powell KNEW this evidence was shakey at best. And he struggled with delivering the speech.

Why didn’t Bush deliver the speech? Because no one believed bush. But Colin Powell had a strong character that people believed. By delivering the speech, he threw his whole career away.

It turned out “ScrewBall” just had made it all up to get asylum and free money and goodies. Yep.

Now, Colin is back, and they applauded him as a hero. But he’s not a hero he’s a coward and a murderer, a warmonger, and a liar. The crowd should have screamed Murderer but not one of the vetted peoples had the guts. Not one. And that’s shocking.

What is wrong with this country that not one voice has the courage to scream out “You Lie” every EVERY time these traitors speak. We have the blueprint and the words to say. Instead, we just nod. A great hero. Oh look Jhonny has no arms or legs. Thank you Mr. Powell you savage sick horrible disgusting filth of a traitor.