With the latest report showing the economy shrunk by one percent last quarter and millions of Americans as many as one in six Americans in their prime working years out of work Obama will become the first president in America to run his entire back to back terms in recession. Thirteen years of recession except for one quarter in 2005 according to shadowstats.com. That’s substantially worse than the great depression which had up years every few years. Unemployment at a steady 23% is also five percent to ten percent higher than anything seen in the great depression. So one has to ask why is then government slashing aid programs and unemployment and trying to pretend its business as usual? sgs-gdp Where is the return of glass stegall, a resolution trust company to get foreclosures back on the market, where is extended unemployment and massive aid and housing programs for the long term unemployed? And don’t you dare tell me they have stopp-ed looking for work one more time or I will scream. God what an arrogant insult. No they haven’t stopped looking they simply are not finding in a gutted America and a failed presidency that is im porting hundreds of thousands even million s of foreign workers each month.One program, the H-1B visa imported over 577,298  foreign tech workers in 2012, many of whom used fake degrees and credentials to take jobs from Americas best and brightest engineers. Millions of American software engineers are now out of work or have given up on the field altogether. A nation that throws its best and brightest away for greed cannot survive and these dismal job numbers are symptoms of a deep sickness that has destroyed the lives of millions of our most talented workers, and without these people innovating and having the money to start new companies, millions more jobs are lost.   In the end we face a moral crisis of fatcat ceos and mbas who think nothing of such abhorrent practices to save a buck. In the end, without the creative genius that is uniquely American, their companies too will fall, and the list of companies that threw away its american engineers then collapsed is long indeed.   How long can this charade that we every had a recovery go on? How long can the media stay silent in face of impossible numbers that only say one thing – we are in the midst of a collapse that has never been seen in our country evr before. This one chart says it all show me the recovery Mr Obama cause I don’t see it.       Record 1 In 8 American Men In Their Prime Working Years Are Not In The Labor Force_0-1 collapse