Its just another day for odumbya, trading out top five gitmo prisoners for a AWOL soldier who intentionally tried to join up with the enemy or at the very least get to India has now placed all American soldiers in jeopardy. Wouldn’t you be willing to lose fifty soldiers in a gun fight to snatch one weak American if it meant you could get your top five leaders back?

The word has gone out, America does negotiate with terrorists. One wonders many things. First, what were our counter offers if any. I can’t imagine they would NOT have traded just to get one top guy back. There was no counter offer?

Did they investigate the AWOL claims which left six other soldiers dead? sending all your stuff to your parents seems to be clear planning to run. I wouldn’t give up my laptop.

Here’s my terms. In return for our soldier we won’t go int your villages and kill your wives and babies. You have one week to comply.