Cartoon-Finland-Rape-BillboardAcross Europe, the pangs of opposition to and misunderstanding of Hitler and Fascism has led to a huge welcoming of Arabs and brown people into all white societies. And the result is rape, violence, and horror. The brown muslims are simply out breeding the natives.

In Brussels 40% of the school children are Muslim, similar to the 50% of school children that are Mexican in America. Already corridors of cities are locked in Sharia law.

The strategy is the American Black strategy – get onto disability and welfare rolls and then breed breed breed. In the European case, it’s Asylum welfare that is the most generous and with the EU forcing nations to take in asylum seekers – all except for white south africans who fear murder.

The result. Rape. Horrific brutal gang rapes of teen Scandinavian women. Thousands and thousands of rapes all commited by muslim men against the native women. And still no country stands up.

The time for talk is quickly ending as it is clear political solutions will not be found. And then, what will happen will truly be horrific for everyone. It didn’t have to come to this. The politicians could have stood up and expelled the trouble makers. But they are weak, trapped by their own fears of being Hitlerian in a nation that still all too well remembers WWII. And because of this, they will doom their entire people.

The horrific rape of these women by disgusting muslim monsters should be met with ten times the response that it does. Where are the men in these countries. Where are the men?

I lived in Finland and I can tell you the finnish women know NOTHING of blacks and easily date and fuck them and think it’s cute that they have dark skin. They do not understand blacks at all or the consequences of having thousands of them in their society. Finland is only barely beginning to experience the horrors that exist in Malmo and Oslo. It will take years more before finnish women wake up and stop fucking black men for fun.