In a shocking decision, the city of Austin under pressure from Eric Holder has agreed that NO TEST where blacks and hispanics fail in large numbers can be used in any hiring. The firefighters exam has now been removed for black and hispanic applicants. And in addition, all applicants will get back pay to the total of 780,000,000 and get hired.

“How dare they say I have to be able to read and know OxyAcetylene from Phosphate. That’s ridiculous. You don’t need that stuff to be a firefighter” said Juan “fuzzy” Gibbs.

Since Blacks and Hispanics also don’t do well on the GRE test, they will all get free admission to any graduate program in the nation. They will also automatically get to be doctors without having to pass any tests. To become a lawyer, only whites will have to take the bar exam.

And now it’s trickling down into high school as well.  Advanced placement calculus programs across the country have instituted a new policy that no blacks or hispanics will be required to take any written tests.

“It’s the beginning of a new age in America and it’s about time” said Gibbs.

All civil engineering tests have also been suspended as have written tests to get civil and structural engineering degrees, for blacks and hispanics only.  A new group of graduates will be designing our new bridges and tall buildings in just months.  And don’t forget the work they do on traffic and train gridlock, these same new graduates who will never have had to pass a test in their life will take over these areas as well. In fact everything you now do from the airbag in your car to the microwave in your house, all will now be designed by people who never ever will have to take a test in their life.  Sure some mistakes will be made, but that’s essential in quashing “disparate impact” since blacks and hispanics are every bit as intelligent and gifted as europanic americans, the only reason for their low test scores is discrimination and racism.  The thirteen year long economic depression has shown us just what happens when we don’t hold the president to the same standards as europanic peoples.

This throwing out the tests has already happened in police departments across the nation and the new “ThugForce” filled with low IQ blacks and hispanics has brought us wonderful things, like the hours long beating of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man who cried for his Daddy as hispanic police officers savagely beat him until dead. “It’s part of the new multicultural america” said Gibbs.

The Justice Department says it has reached an agreement with Austin city officials to settle allegations that the Austin Fire department discriminated against minority applicants seeking firefighter jobs.

A Justice Department statement Monday says the agreement still needs court approval. Federal officials had argued that Austin used a written test that eliminated black and Hispanic entry-level firefighter applicants disproportionately.

The agreement requires the city to devise a screening and selection process that passes court tests for fairness and equality.