social security fund runs out of money as America turns brown
social security fund runs out of money as America turns brown


It’s a secret that the government doesn’t want to talk about. Their Jew inspired policies (no really, the jewish leadership has a long history of public statements pushing for the browning of America for over a century) to reduce the white American population is succeeding.

Henry Ford wrote –  “The energies of the Jewish powers are concentrated on the task of preventing America from changing the immigration laws in a manner to protect the country from undesirable aliens.”


Ford also calls jews to task for CONTINUING to implement SLAVERY in new york in the modern century  (the jews were behind nearly all the slavery and slavery ships which brought black slaves into America) – ” It is a surprising fact that, although these matters are written in official documents, and although the same matters have been written into the record of every similar investigation which has been made, Jewish leaders persist in denying that the leaders in this particular form of depravity are Jews. When the United States Government made a nation-wide investigation, it found and recorded the same facts. The New York Kehillah came into existence as a defense organization at a time when the exposure of the Jewish White Slave Traffic threatened to overwhelm the New York ghetto.”

We also clearly see the Jewish influence in the disastrous 1965 immigration act which opened the floodgates – the American Jewish Congress, The Jewish Federation, the ACLU, and the B’nai B’rith, filed briefs in support of open immigration before the Senate Subcommittee in the early sixties leading up to the passing of the 1965 law.

We have gone from 90% europanic Americans in 1960 to just 60% today. And that is reflected in our numbers of people on welfare, in jail, on disability, and the ever lower percentage of mostly white Americans who still work and pay 76% in taxes for zero return. We don’t get free education through Phd programs like in Europe, we don’t get free healthcare like in Europe, we don’t get a safety net like in Europe (America provides just 3 months of 186 dollars and thats all you get each year as an unemployed American who has fallen off the roles).  Free housing is given out to irresponsible blacks and hispanics who have multiple children at sixteen and is denied from hard working Europanic americans who went to college and worked very hard their whole life. Suffer. That’s America’s message to their hard working tax base. SUFFER!


And now, Social security has turned. It no longer has a positive inflow and every year it will take more and more tax dollars to keep it funded. Worse, millions of non-europanics fly onto the disability roles and get a cushy life. Blacks can get disability just for being born, they call it “learning disabled” and since on Average blacks have a 85 IQ well yes, they all seem to qualify for a lavish freeloading life.

Worse than that, all the projections of solvency in the social security fund ignore the impact of the browning of America, which will reduce our europanic tax paying base to less than 50% in just a few years.  By ignoring this trend, they are hiding a holocaust waiting to happen. The social security fund will be decimated and it will bankrupt the nation. And raising the tax rate for social security on a middle class that is already 80% taxes is not an option.

Social Security is already loosing two billion dollars a quarter and it will only get worse.


Operations in quarter
ending March 31, 2014

[In billions]
Income $208.8
Outgo 211.1
Difference -2.3

This is happening both because of the Jewish push for a non-christian non-europanic majority society and because these new hoardes do not contribute or carry their weight. As the burden of paying for all these programs falls onto fewer and fewer shoulders, the government can only raise taxes and borrow more, and the borrowing results in a 15% a year hidden tax via inflation which will only get worse.


A standard tax profile now is:

32% federal

8% state

3%  ssdi tax

15% social security contribution (employer and employee combined)

15% inflation tax


73% taxation


Now add property tax, car tax, and we are paying 80% of our incomes to taxation. No wonder the middle class is going broke!


In the United States we had a term of Jewish rule** almost as absolute as that which exists in Russia. This appears to be a very strong statement, but it is milder than the facts warrant. And the facts are not of hearsay origin, nor the product of a biased point of view; they are the fruits of an inquiry by the lawful officials of the United States who were set aside in favor of a ready-made Jewish Government, and they are forever spread upon the official records of the United States.” = Henry Ford, 1921