This little item should be in every survival bag. What is it? It’s waxed linen cord (heavyweight).  With this cord, you can tie together wood and it will hold and last a long long time, even years. Because it is waxed it is sun and water resistant.  If you needed to build a quick semi permanent structure, this cord can be a life saver and make the process easy.

What if you want to make an animal trap, a snare, or a defensive trap? This is the stuff that makes it all easy.


Want to skin an animal, tan the hide, and sew your own moccasin shoes? You just use this stuff. Two years into the zombie apocolypse they will be wearing shoes with holes in them and you will be stompin through the forrest in fox fur lined comfort! just order a curved needle kit with needles strong enough to get through leather (most will be).


Check it out..