Look. Cops are just doing a job. Some are thugs. Most are just average joes doing a hard thankless job. They should not be a target of violence.

Cops don’t make the laws, Cops don’t make the decisions.

The libertarian principles teach non violence towards other.  Laws should be based on what allows us to live freely without impinging on the rights of others.

Will there be a time for violence will there be a time for civil war? It’s possible. Right now the tea party is fighting the political process. And with Cantor’s defeat, its winning. Slowly. Like a tortoise. WE have to overcome fraud electronic voting systems. We have to overturn fraud caucuses and fraud republoodican party rules. Its a lot to do. But the tide in America is turned. There is no need to take up arms against cops. That hurts families, wives, kids, and children.

Our great leaders and teachers – Ron Paul, Rand Paul,Ted Cruz to name the recognized ones in washington – none of them support violence.

How about gathering in large numbers and angrily shouting down the federal reserve, the supreme court, and congress.  Surely that is a next step if there is to be an escalation, not a direct rush to violence.

Shooting cops is just stupid. It does nothing and doesn’t even send a coherent message. Its just one big waste. If this is what you are thinking, please don’t announce you are libertarian or part of the tea party because you stand for nothing we do.