In another Tea Party / Libertarian flex of muscle, House Majority Leader Cantor was unable to hold on in a primary that was supposed to be an easy slamn dunk.

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Cantor’s defeat will send shock waves throughout Washington. The House majority leader was one of the best-known Republican figures in the country, reputed for his strategic acumen and political ambition. He wielded an immense amount of clout within the Capitol and was widely expected to one day seek to become the speaker of the House.

His primary was never expected to be seriously competitive, and his loss is catching everyone—from veterans of Virginia politics to longtime analysts in Washington—by surprise.

“Obviously, we came up short,” Cantor said in a speech Tuesday night.

Cantor’s loss was shocking, but there were several signs of rising voter discontent among conservatives in his district. Brat attacked him for supporting “amnesty” as part of his support for comprehensive immigration reform, which forced Cantor to reiterate that he opposed legislation that provided for “blanket amnesty.”

The issue of immigration policy drew heightened attention on Fox News and conservative talk radio in the past week after news reports documented a surge of undocumented children arriving at the United States border, overrunning processing centers and the Border Patrol.

In an interview just last Friday, Cantor suggested he could work with President Obama to allow a path to citizenship for some children of illegal immigrants already in the country. In the campaign’s final days, Brat criticized Cantor for siding with Obama on the contentious issue.