Al Queada beheaded christians in Kosovo when the USA hired them for that job, now they use beheaddings in Iraq to cause terror


The attacks by Al Quaeda on Mosul were swift, powerful, and quickly left the Iraqi soldiers scurrying to the hills. And they did so with American supplied and brokered weapons, mostly likely weapons related to the Benghazi affair according to a source deep in the field.

We have learned that in Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens was protesting turning over powerful heavy weapons to Al-Quaeda forces and additionally there was a Turkish ship loaded with heavy weapons. Some fear this cache included thousands of American made stinger missiles, the shoulder firing missile that can take down helicopters and planes.

The other news, that many Syrian Al-Quaeda fighters were receiving six figure salaries from Washington, makes one wonder if many of these troops and weapons did not end up back fighting up in Iraq as well.

Even beyond these covert deals, it is now public record that planes full of weapons went to arm al-quaeda terrorists who blew up the world trade center

Jordanian news and press sources revealed that a US airplane, loaded with fatal weapons, landed in al-Mafraq airport in Jordan to deliver the weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Al-Wahda news network quoted Jordanian sources as saying that a US aircraft, loaded with weapons arrived in al-Mafraq airport to hand over these weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, referring to the graduation of a new batch of 1500 gunmen, of al-Zaatari camp residents, who were trained for fighting and using weapons to join nearly 50000 others existing in Syria.

US Security officials have unveiled that the US congress had secretly endorsed a bill to fund weapon shipments to the armed terrorist groups in Syria through Jordan

America threw out Saddam, only to unleash a bigger problem, the rise of the radical Islamic element. This was of course, totally predictable, but it happened faster than expected because Washington was paying and arming the Al-Quaeda rebels who blew up our world trade center buildings.

This incredible lack of thinking can only be made clear in the mind of a madman. And sadly, that madman is our president.

Do not forget, at the end of the day, it is the jew-oligarch controlled private federal reserve that has always pushed nations into wars, and now the private fed, along with our war industry ceos, is clapping their hands and licking their lips, because endless war is the new American normal.

The funding of Al-Quaeda in Syria and the stand down order in Benghazi that ultimately will link to Hillary Clinton if one is a betting person, makes one wonder just why a special prosecutor has not been appointed to these tasks. And now with dream-diaper-gate, is there any law Obama will not break? Doesn’t the constitution say something about protecting the nation from invasion not abetting it?

If the Iraqi army really wants to stop Al-Quaeda, they will capture a group of fighters and seize their weapons and broadcast on TV that tell tale inscription that will end the war immediately – “Made in USA”