illegal alien bussing in

The Democrats have a problem. They seem to think they can feed the entire world. With a TWO TRILLION dollar a year budget deficit they think that it’s OK to give benefits to those who are not citizens, even pronouncing their children born here citizens, and never deporting any of them. Worse, they are even giving food and bus tickets and escorts through security to those that arrive to seed them deeply into the country like a Leprosy that cannot be cut out.

Why are there homeless vets on the streets of America? Why are there starving people? Why does food stamps only provide THREE MONTHS of assistance and let people starve the rest of the year. Why? Because we gave all our assistance to illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be here.

illegal alien 3

There are over a billion poor children in the world. My heart goes out to them. But what will happen to America if you were to snap your fingers and most of them were suddenly HERE!  Well for one, all the aid we give them would result in our budget deficit zooming to six trillion dollars a year, which would force massive cutbacks in aid programs to citizens.


This is no small deal of tawdry consequences. This is life and death. While some are professional scammers of our disability programs and tens of millions of welfare blacks have professional assistance in scamming, the europanic origen American worker who worked hard all their life and then gets crushed by Obama’s Marxist death to American labor policies, finds themself with for all practical purposes no help at all.

illegal alien 2

The evil that is in our nation is the leprosy in our own government, a deep sickness that wants to destroy our productive workers. How else do you explain importing 577,298 H-1B Indians with fake degrees in the thirteenth year of this great depression? That is genocide against American software workers and that is just ONE example of the hell that Obama has put this country through.

Normally, in the thirteenth year of economic depression (except for a one quarter blip in 2004), the government steps up aid for citizens. There is now no hope whatsoever for citizens struggling to keep their houses in a job market that is beyond dead. Fewer Americans are in the workforce now than during the first world war.  Its time to Impeach Obama for treason.


Assisting in the invasion of the United States: TREASON

Giving Arms to Known Terrorists: TREASON

BENGHAZI leading to the death of Ambassador Stevens: TREASON

Giving Arms to Mexican Drug Lords who then attack the US: TREASON

The MURDER of US Citizens without trial and solely on executive order: TREASON

But this is not all. What about the treason of violating the constitution? Obama was a constitutional professor for gods sake! So we have:

Violation of the 1st amendment by restricting press to “free speech zones” and also the attack on prominent press who were critical of Obama

Violation of the fourth amendment by the TSA groping and by the NSA tapping all phone calls and emails in AmeriKa.

Violation of the sixth Amendment, there was no trial when Obama executed Americans with drones. That is also a violation of the first amendment.

Violation of the eight Amendment by supporting waterboarding which is torture

What about the economy. As we enter year THIRTEEN of the depression, where is Obama’s speech to America on the economy? His stimulus plan was nothing more than fat pork and a bailout to California for the cost of  illegals and a bailout of our failed car companies. Where is Obama’s plan for economic recovery post Solyndra?

A new report by John Williams states that the private FED banking cartel is now purchasing 69% of our federal bond issuances. That is basically game over for our monetary system. The only solution is to make our bonds more attractive by raising interest rates. And that means inflation in AmeriKa going from todays 10% to 20% or much much higher. Holding so much debt as a nation, raising these rates will increase our interest payment on our debt from 25% of our tax revenue collection to 50%. That means theres even MORE debt each year, a situation we can never recover from. It means the nation is fundamentally DEAD. Got that? DEAD.

The frustration is overwhelming. We don’t need emails to get to the bottom of this. Just call up the soliders at Benghazi and ask them simply “Who gave you the stand down order” “Oh, that was Major So and So” then call in the major. Who gave the stand down order. “Oh it was General So and So”. When the general comes in, he will risk everything, his cushy pension, and jail if he doesn’t answer. Will he turn in Obama or will he take the rap? Either way, its a victory. This is so easy it’s pathetic and why isn’t it happening can only be because our congress people are pathetic! Come on Sessions! Come on Paul! Come on CRUZ. Do this ONE THING. And do it NOW. Now before more Americans die. There is no way they can break the hard drives and weasel out of Benghazi. Orders come from a chain of command and there was a stand down order. This is easy why is no one pursuing it?

What spelling of TREASON does this government not understand? By not acting now, every last congressman and woman is an accomplice.  At least stand up and say the word. Until the congresspeople stand up and say the word TREASON and say it SCREAMING with all their might every last time they get to speak, the entire nation will die within ten, maybe twenty years. And then tens of millions will die. By remaining silent, each congressman / woman is sentencing millions of Americans to death. The stakes are no less.

Where is this madness coming from. One gets insights from Valerie Jarrett’s recent lunch with Rupert Murdoch (jewish ancestry) – ““He is an immigrant himself and he understands from a business perspective how important immigration reform would be to our economy,” she said. “… Sometimes decisions are tough but it’s time for Congress to step up and act now — and that’s something he said privately to me, and I was heartened to see him express it publicly.”

What they call immigration reform is flooding America with violent uneducated brown people.  Murdoch makes the sad delusion that these new invaders are just like the Irish, the Italian, the German immigrants from the 1920s.  This racial blindness is a politically correct stance, as is the notion that “were all just the same with the same IQ” which is thoroughly a pathetically wrong view of the world. We can tell from the countries which have populations of the genetics of the people involved what we can expect.  From the Mestizo Mexicans, gangs, crime, and low level agrarian society. From the Africans, mud huts and no innovation, brutal endless violence. But we don’t have to leave the country to make the case, we simply can look at the percentage of a city that is black and hispanic, add that together, and we get a linear correlation with poverty and crime.  We have old men like Murdoch and Jewish elites like Soros who harken back to World War II and want to ensure there will always be freedom of unrestricted immigration so that jews will always be able to find a home in a new nation. But now there is the nation of Israel, so the need to destroy other nations comes only from a hatred of non-jewish people, not from actual need.

At this point, they are delighting in our failure and have marshmallows ready for our bonfire. Obama’s destruction of America is a racial war. And its one almost no one has the guts to talk about. Obama is seeking a legacy to be the black man who destroyed europanic America. He has now succeeded. Without impeachment immediately, America will become a third world pit.  Yes there are pockets that seem to be surviving off the war machine with normalcy, but soon even this will fade. The decay will be evident everywhere especially in racially overrun cities like Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Camden, Detroit, etc.  We purchase 69% of our own debt. Time to start peeling bananas.