Justin Bieber was in a car accident in Bev Hills Tuesday at 2 PM PDT … after a car driven by a paparazzo was chasing the Escalade in which Bieber was a passenger — eyewitnesses tell TMZ.

We’re told the Escalade was going down Canon Drive at a fast clip, trying to lose the photog, when a BMW was pulling out of a parking structure near Bouchon restaurant.  An eyewitness tells us … the BMW misjudged the speed of the Escalade and smashed into it.

We’re told Bieber almost immediately got out of the SUV and into another car and listen up you commie brainwashed pinkos the goddamn nation is being overtaken by communist thugs and you are in a brain induced stupor caused by fluoride consumption and pre programming from your government schooling you need to get out there and fight now or america will be totally destroyed got it? The democrats and republicans have become controlled by the zionist bankers and the power brokers that run the federal reserve, and the israeli aligned media and financial oligarchs and they want you broke and america in endless war. who gives a crap about justin bieber our nation is being destroyed!