They want America let’s give em America. Detroit America that is. Slap each child with a ankle bracelet and set up some perimeter monitors and put them all into inner city Detroit. There are certainly enough abandoned buildings to house them and sources of firewood for heat. The rat population provides ample food which their Honduran and Guatamelan hunting skills will make easy work of.

Yes they left the beautiful beaches and banana trees for freezing winters and hoodlums.  When a few start to crack and want to go home, we will fly them there first class. Quickly the story of the horror of America will reach home and no more will ever come.

We can have TV broadcasts – “Our 52,000 New Americans” and show them shivering in makeshift hovels in the bowels of burnt out buildings while gangs rampage outside. Arabs will enslave them and turn them into child prostitutes. We can capture it all on loving television. Broadcast it out 24×7.  Soon after a time, no one will come across our southern border. No fence was ever needed, no security guard required.

Eventually we can expand the franchise, Watts, Camdem, and the Bronx. Show ALL of america and all the wonderful places where there’s room for the invaders. Have interviews of the ones returned now appreciating their life in third world paradise.