Talking to a recruiter for a position in a major european city for a financial institution who routinely pays their MBAs huge salaries, I was shocked to hear that they were low balling me on rates just like they do in America. But they have much less of the Indian invasion going on and no H-1B visa in Europe, still Indians have piled in in huge numbers clobbering rates.

The effect of an entire country of a billion and a half people all seeking to study computer science (poorly) and then market themselves through crony networks into every nook and corner of the world assisted by the IBMs and Accentures of the world, well it has been devastating.

In America, it’s full on genocide against American software engineers. But Europe shockingly has seen their rates fall as well. When I mentioned that I was earning twice the offered rate in 2001 they simply commented Oh that was then, with no regard for inflation. Once you factor in inflation, the situation goes from worse to dire.

The new model, software engineer as goat to abuse and work to death for low wages, is now upon us. Driven by a American MBA mindset out to excoriate engineers into the lowest cast of person possible.

Over 500,000 visa applications are approved each year for H-1B in America, and the onslaught into the tiny four million tech workforce has been devestating with nearly all Americans displaced from the industry. And the wreckage of failed and non performing countries no litter the landscape. They thought they had a bargain but they got a disaster.

Even IBMs good name has tarnished after project failures with Indian engineers. Obamacare was another example of how wrong things go when they turn to low priced foreign labor for highly sophisticated projects.

This has now gone on unabated for 20 years.  One more industry American government is killing. Does anyone care at all?