The flood of Mexicans into America, who mostly jump onto welfare rolls, birth children in an illegal reading of the fourteenth amendment and steal citizenship with anchor babies, and then pile onto disability rolls is having a horrific effect on regular struggling Americans.
Food stamp programs are now cut way back with regular Americans receiving only three months a year of help. One old lady I met received just $18/month. Yet many of the illegal mexicans will jump straight onto disability rolls along with America’s horde of blacks who qualify for disability just by being born (by virtue of their low iq which they call not genetic destiny but rather, a learning disability). They live high on the hog while HONEST Americans literally starve in the streets.
Make no mistake, this is RACE WAR not economics. The goal is to destroy the Europanic prosperity that our native peoples created. Another aspect of this race war is to flood America with 577,299 (in 2012 according to the Department of Labor) H-1B Indians with fake degrees each year even though there are NO NEW JOBS WHATSOEVER.
The goal is to make Americans so utterly disgusted that our best and brightest flee to other countries. It’s already happening, as many now flee to Europe or Australia and many others renounce their citizenship all together.
Mexico is getting a BOOM because by offering ZERO welfare assistance except for minimal healthcare, and by offloading all their needy onto the USA, they are free to keep tax rates insanely low on their rich Billionaires.
The Mexican billionaires get richer and richer, with the poor flooding into America offering a release valve on what would otherwise spark rebellion. Why aren’t they taxed to pay for their poor? Only American citizens are taxed. Only American citizens are harrassed over every legal infraction while illegal invaders go scott free after rapes, assaults, and driving while drunk. Yep.
What can be done? Nothing will change until the MILITIAS stop the flood of invaders. Nothing will change until Roberts and other traiters on the supreme court can’t go home without bullhorns screaming at them every night. Nothing will change until congressmen who vote for endless war and laugh because their voting machines are rigged in their states suddenly face old fashioned ballots and watchful eyes (you heard me John McCain!). Nothing will change until all elections are done with inky pinky systems and require full ID by CITIZENS. Nothing will change until the 14th Amendment is declared NOT EVER to have given citizenship to the invaders born on our soil, and nothing will ever change until programs like SNAP, WIC, and Disability formally refuse to give out free money and housing to illegal invaders while our veterans rot in the streets.