The litany of brainwashing by mainstream TV is overwhelming. It’s so obvious and ridiculous that It’s all unwatchable. Take for example Nightline doing a one hour special on the Malaysian plane shoot down vilifying Russia as the culprit after a barrage of news channels did the same thing. All the while ignoring the massive border invasion by “Migrant Children” Like Jefel Cabron, a serial child rapist of 31 years old. It’s brain washing on a massive scale and it’s laughable.

Worse, the supposed hard hitter Charlie Rose interview of Hillary Clinton did nothing to push her on the “Who ordered the stand down that allowed OUR paid for Al-Cia-duh forces to murder our ambassador” It’s a simple question. But it was never asked. Neither was asked if she condoned the arms that went to ISIL from that deal and led to them gaining the stinger missles with the ability to shoot down planes. Now that’s a fair question as the Malaysian airliner was just in the news! But nope. Nothin. Just preening and smiling by Herr Clinton.

I can already envision Hillary’s poster, a 3 color cutout picture of her face, under which it says her famous Benghazi tag line “What difference does it make”




The fed is buying 69% of all our treasuries. Where is that on the news. Where is the investigation of the private banking cartel members who live in fatcat mansions in France? Nope. Not there.

In the end, America has already collapsed, because we have nothing at all left that signifies we are a free society.

Rumor has it that Jefel has declared himself 17 and now attends a high school near your children.  Easy pickings for his next molestation job. And no fear that when he crashes his truck drunk that he won’t just be let off.  Just like they let him out after all his rape convictions.  Oh and he’s got a touch of leprosy and tuberculosis so, I wouldn’t get to close.  Jefel pulls out a crumbled piece of paper that says “waiver from Obama” and gets on an Airplane without ID as another teen girl who is American gets a hand up her vagina by the TSA. yep.


There’s just nothing to say anymore. Time to flee. Get out if and when you can, cause America is finished.