We have gone through several rounds of fizzle outs.  What started so promising with the American war machine in Egypt and Libya reached a brick wall in Syria.  Even our troops sent to find the abducted children just sorta faded out of the news.  Eventually in a mad dash to find enemies to support the American two trillion a year war machine and two trillion a year espionage and spying apparatus, America had no choice but to return to old enemies and targeted Russia.

Russia has a long way to go on its road to becoming a civilized place.  People are still rounded up in the middle of the night. There is no habeus corpus. Press are intimidated and whole stations are shut down. It’s illegal to protest in the streets except how the government says so. Why if you didn’t know any better you’d think it was America.

But Russia has energy. And a balanced budget. And a 13% tax rate with bonuses for having children. Try to do THAT Amerikca.  If Russia would just adopt our bill or fights, Amendments 1-10 lock stock and barrel, a flood of Americans would scurry there in search of a better life by the millions.

The more you know about air travel you more you realize that the shooting down of a plane traveling at 33,000 feet is well beyond the capability of portable missile systems and way beyond what a shoulder launched missile can accomplish.  A full on radar guided SAM is a large beast of a toy, and would stick out if the Russian separatists in Ukraine had one.

And the hypocrisy of America which gave 10,000 stinger missiles to psychotic Islamic revolutionaries in Benghazi and onward to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and who knows where else, is just incomprehensible.

America will next be sending in armed forces called “advisors” probably about a thousand of them. Most will be armed with laser guides to direct drones and air strikes.  This will force Putin’s hand.  No force can really be expected to withstand such an onslaught. Unable to strike back tactically other than trying to march on Kiev (unlikely) the Russian Ukranians will resort to more and more aggressive attacks on less and less real military targets.  And often they will have some success with their anti-tank weaponry.  This bloody stale mate will drag on and on. It’s all a giant game to lure in Russia.  Why cannot Russia now send in 1,000 advisors? And then it’s Vietnam all over again, except with nuclear weapons. Good luck riding that one home.

Meanwhile, Obama has been talking tough, no not on the military, but on his COMMUNIST program and how he is hopeful of the new Marxist Amerikca to be able to take care of all the needs of the illegal invasion and their myriad children. Nancy Pelosi as Party Chief Zeig Heils right along with her copy of the big red book under her arm.

It’s all the utter death of Amerikca, and it’s happening before our eyes. Add the illegal invasion, the terrorist invasion, while we suffer groping at the airports in the dehumanizing scandal designed to prepare us for our death camps, and you have a world devoid of sense and meaning. Meanwhile, our best and brightest have begun fleeing collapsed Amerikca, as 600,000 Indians with fake degrees are brought in every year to destroy the lives of our engineers who now have given up and seek any country that want’s smart people.  Microsoft’s announcement of 18,000 layoffs as the first act of their new Indian CEO CHOP-Ya Nadella is telling.

What to make of a world gone mad? Buckle up and Hunker down, and read “Prepping on a Budget” our eBook coming soon.  Cause it ain’t gonna be pretty folks.