I’m waiting in my car with a starving 12 year old daughter at home. There at the food bank I watch as hispanic woman in SUV after hispanic woman in SUV loads up twenty to thirty bags of groceries. Bags of fresh produce, oranges, lettuce. My car finally reaches the front of the line. I look on in horror as the place just one bag of canned goods into the car. Pinto beans and rice, and jalapeno chicken, refried beans. And two cans of applesauce and a can of peas. This is to feed a family for a week? Its all hispanic food, nothing to support the American diet. All the good fresh vegetables have already been carried away by caravans of hispanics who lie and say they have ten or twelve to feed. Or perhaps, with all the illegals plowing into Ameirka they really do have that many to feed. Of course they are on welfare or disability as well, so this is just supplemental food. But for me, struggling, its all I get. None of the food pantries require you to prove you are a citizen to get food assistance. They in fact sponser many programs to outreach to hispanics and have spanish speaking workers. Its all set up primarily to feed the hoardes of invaders with nothing left for hungry American citizens. Is this right?

This dark side of the invasion of America is little talked about. While many Americans still struggle with homelessness, Obama is pushing for four billion dollars to feed and house invaders who aren’t Americans at all. Why aren’t they pushing for that money for Americans? Why do the honest working Americans who get injured or down on their luck in the thirteenth year of the longest economic depression America has ever seen, why do they get told to spit blood while Invaders get everything? We have a government that has turned against its citizens. There is nothing left to do but flee and get out and watch it crumble from afar. America cannot be saved.