Perry has ordered troops to the border. To make sure the buses and vans of illegal alien invaders arrive safely.

Seriously what good are troops when the invaders are welcomed in? If they can step foot across the border alone, then they can walk right back across it alone. This is NOT a humanitarian crisis.

In a new tactic to stop the protestors from turning away illegals from host cities, the Deparment of Homeland Invasion has switched to non-descript vans to usher in the minions of the democratic party marxist takeover.

“If it is racist to desire to live amongst people of my own ethic background, then I am a racist.If it is racist to see sensible limits on immigration from third-world countries, to protect our infrastructure, our healthcare, our education, our services, the i am a racist.If it is racist to want our major cities to remain free of multicultural ghettos and the social problems associated with them, then i am a racist.If it is racist to want to live in a country that is not overwhelmed by adherents of a mediaeval religion and social structure, then I am a racist.If it is racist to expect that the law, its enforcers, and the social services behind them to treat those who have lived and contributed to this nation at least as well as it treats incomers who have arrived in droves solely ro suck at the taxpayers’ teat, then I am a racist.If it is the decision of those of our leaders who hate their own people and seek to have them replaced by outsiders, to call me a racist, then let them; for I – and we – will one day have our revenge. They themselves will be cast out and reviled for always.23” – comment posted on the telegraph

There is no water in the United States to radically increase our population to 500 Million within thirty years. Already we have too large a population for our water supplies at 300 million!

“Scientists on Thursday released the results of a first-of-its-kind study that finds the seven states of the drought-stricken Colorado River Basin are depleting groundwater reserves at a rapid rate. That threatens the future of a river that supplies water to 40 million people and irrigates 4 million acres of farmland. Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, and NASA analyzed data from a satellite that measures underground water reserves to calculate that the Colorado River Basin has lost 65 cubic kilometers—that’s 17.3 trillion gallons—of water between December 2004 and November 2013. That represents twice the capacity of the United States’ largest reservoir, Lake Mead in Nevada. Most worrying, 75 percent of the loss came from groundwater supplies”