The St. James church of Austin Texas is ferrying supplies to illegal alien invaders in Mcallen Texas. All night long supplies were gathered and busloads were trucked to the holding facility where the TB and scabie infested teens and 30 something year old mothers wait. This is outrageous.  Last we checked aiding and abetting invasion is TREASON and punishable by a long rope. “ITs for the children” screamed the crying church goer. Yes, and the thirty year old women who had twelve children and plan to birth twenty more until their Uterus explodes.

Driven from their homes by desperation for a better life, thousands of illegal immigrant children along the Texas border are straining state and federal resources. Now Austin charities are proving relief including the Salvation Army.

“The Salvation Army’s mission is to meet human needs in Jesus name without discrimination,” said communications director, Jan Gunter.

Border Patrol requested the group’s help in McAllen, Brownsville, Harlingen, El Paso and Laredo.

“They are not pulling a suitcase behind them; whatever they got they are pretty much wearing,” said Salvation Army volunteer Randy O’Dell.

O’Dell saw the desperation first hand. He led a group from Williamson County to McAllen where they served hot meals to immigrants, provided showers and clean clothes before they left on a bus.

“They are distraught and this is probably the first oasis of a friendly face that they’ve seen,” said O’Dell.

At the request of Judge Sam Biscoe, the Travis County Commissioners Court is also looking for ways to help.
Several groups presented information on the crisis Tuesday, but Judge Biscoe seemed frustrated more is not being done.

“This is not intended to be a debate on immigration policy. We know it’s a serious problem that kids are caught up in, so what can we do to help these kids?” said Judge Biscoe.

St. James’ Episcopal Church is one of the only groups in Austin collecting donations; a group plans to leave Sunday for a five day mission. They are taking shoes, diapers, blankets, hood sweatshirts and juice boxes everyday until 3 p.m.

“We, as a community, are scrambling to frame a response that reflects our humane values and doesn’t just treat this as ‘not our problem,'” said Equal Justice Center executive director, Bill Beardall.

Take a good hard look at the “children” that these church saps are helping enter the US. And if god forbid these bleeding heart liberals should be gang raped by MS-13 on their way home, It will be poetic justice. What is WRONG with these people? Sickingly deluded psycotics that belong in a mental institution. But sadly this is the new face of the Catholic church, which is now the Hispanic Church as most normal sane white people have fled the child molesting priests. The church involved – St. James – is epispocal

somebody's got to save the children!
somebody’s got to save the children!