In the latest BOMB double episode of Chicago Fire / Chicago FBI (or PD I forget the name) the embedded propaganda was truly frightening. A bomb goes off at a hospital. The fire responder comments looking at the missing building fascade “It looks just like Oklahoma city” which in the TV show its a truck bomb. And of course, we all know a truck bomb is incapable of doing the damage caused ala Okla city.  There is also an erie scene where a man fleeing the bomb in a wheelchair has his leg amputated, similar to the false? amputation disaster model? actor? that took place in the Boston marathon bombing. In the tv show it is also the day of a race, a 10k.

The first suspect is the armed thug squad of a Syrian Ambassador. Arabs. But are these the real danger? Nope! Not in propaganada lets re-write the Boston Bombing TV land. It turns out to be an AMERICAN PATRIOT who is behind the bombing, a RANCHER!

This  propaganda is truly frightening. The evil doer is a guy named Ted Powell whose family was a Rancher that was “anti government”. The reason for this was that the FBI swat teamed the families ranch and set fire to it, and the fire department stood down and watched it burn, killing Ted’s mother.  All of this is a blatent reference to the Bundy ranch stand off. What was doubly troubling was that this character was portrayed as totally evil without sympathy, when in fact, if the Government had done a ruby ridge to his family you would think one person would have questioned it.

The father rancher is now in jail serving a ten year prison sentence. For what it isnt clear. The father tells the FBI that they all deserve to die and refuses to cooperate with them. The tv show drives home the point that the father is evil, and the fbi agent punches him in the face knocking him to the floor as they leave.

If one is “anti government” because the government wrongly killed you mother in a ruby ridge scenario, doesnt that make all of us “anti government”?

Is the “rancher in jail” foreshadowing to get us to accept a future arrest of Real Life patriot rancher Cliven Bundy? It’s all too frightening to believe.